Interior Stone Accents in Southern Utah

Stone accents seen on the exterior of homes in southern Utah are now making their way inside to decorate and accentuate the interior of many new or updated homes. Stone accents can add flair as well as value to any area of your home. Stone accents can replace brick around fireplaces to make your home look twenty years younger. Interior stone accents often can be chosen to accompany other colors in carpet, paint or tile in the home or to match the beautiful southern Utah landscape. While installing extensive stone may get pricey, not much needs to be added to add beauty to any room. Stone accents can be added to interior arches, surrounding windows or to give color variety and depth to shelving. For ideas on incorporating stone accents into the exterior or interior of your home, call HiCaliber of southern Utah at (435) 674-9338 or visit us online at

Photo: Erika Smith

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