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Home Inspections

While purchasing property it is incredibly important to call a professional company that is licensed and certified to conduct property inspections. Obtaining a detailed and thorough home inspection is one of the most important steps to take while purchasing residential and commercial structures. Whether you are a first-time-buyer or a seasoned buyer, working with a qualified and experienced property inspector can give you the peace of mind you need when making such an important investment!

All inspectors are NOT created equal, so choosing the right company to deal with is crucial to receiving a thorough inspection. With more than 30 years in the construction and restoration business, HiCaliber has the experience and expertise that you’ve been looking for. We have competitive rates and an unrivaled Quality Guarantee. Call HiCaliber’s friendly office staff for more details about our property inspections.

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New Construction

Our commitment to you as a homeowner is one of quality, fair pricing, and great service during your new-build construction. We take pride in our work and dedicate our time and expertise to bringing your dreams into reality!

From our handpicked subcontractors to our personally trained employees, believe us when we say we are “Committed to Excellence”. Our construction experience exceeds three decades, and our reputation for excellent customer service and quality-work speaks for itself. HiCaliber is a company you can trust to get the job done right the first time, and to your complete satisfaction.

We also specialize in energy efficient building methods. HiCaliber wants the new-build project to be exciting and memorable for all those involved in the construction process.

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Residential and Commercial

Whether your project or repair is at home or in the office, it is important to trust and have confidence in those you employ to make change. Not all construction is the same, as there are many different guidelines and codes that must be met with each unique project. HiCaliber has managed numerous projects throughout the years and we’re familiar with the safety and industry-standard practices for different types of construction.

HiCaliber has the expertise to help you design the home or commercial project you’ve always hoped for. After all, the difference between “good” and “great” is attention to detail.

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Remodels & Additions

Remodeling can be a great alternative to buying new; transforming outdated rooms or components of your home to higher-quality, more appealing home features. A remodeling specialist must be experienced in knowing how to work around other existing construction, such as walls, paint and carpet. Knowing how to remove old material without creating new damage and building additions onto existing structures can be difficult at times.

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Commercial Build-Outs

Many commercial buildings are built as skeleton structures, with the inside left unfurnished for future companies to make changes to as they see fit for their individual purposes. Commercial build-outs are generally customized and have strict timing deadlines. We are a company that knows how to perform high-end commercial construction, while reliably meeting deadlines, and staying within a strict budget. Commercial build-outs are common with HiCaliber; we know how to get in, do great work, and leave with a happy, satisfied client.

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Tenant Improvements

While tenants may come and go, commercial buildings remain on a long-term basis. They’re often a reflection of the care they’ve received from their visitors, for better or for worse. Individual units need to be fixed and improved, either by upgrades or complete overhaul. Many property managers have tight deadlines as they continually fill new units with new people, so ensuring everything is done on-time and performed with the highest quality is a must. At HiCaliber we specialize in tenant improvements and are dedicated to delivering excellence on every project.

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Smart Foils

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a product in your home that could save you between 10% & 40% on your utilities each month? Well, the product exists and is now available for your use! It is called SMARTFOILS. It’s a radiant-barrier product that can be placed in either your home or commercial property. This product is unbelievable! It transfers 97% of the radiant heat out of the attic space during the warm months and locks the heat in during the cold months. Temperature regulation from month to month can equate to substantial savings over time.

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Quad-Lock I.C.F

Build More for Your Money with Quad-Lock

HiCaliber is using the best building technology available — Quad-Lock insulated concrete forms. Quad-Lock provides optimal living and working environments that are built safely, more comfortably and environmentally friendly than standard building structures. Quad-Lock forms solid, reinforced, concrete buildings with space left within the walls to run utilities and backing through. This advanced building method provides superior insulation; R50+ & Sound Transmission Characteristic rating at 55+; making the walls virtually sound proof. In addition, Quad-lock is 4-hour fire-rated. Isn’t it about time your home worked for you?

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