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Recovery After The Rain

This sight is not uncommon in southern Utah after rainfall. We sure are lucky to have such beautiful scenery, but this is one price we pay! The red rocks do not absorb moisture, water flows over and through them bring dirt and mud. Once the rain stops, parking lots, drive ways, and sidewalks are often…

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Flooring Looking Dingy?

It’s SPRING!  Time for some deep cleaning! If you want to take cleaning to a new level – Call HiCaliber! You will benefit from: Allergen removal Stain removal Odor removal And… A noticeable “renewed” difference. Allergens If you suffer from allergies, the culprit could be buried in your carpeting. We are concerned with making your…

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Pressure Washing Heavy Equipment

From driveways, sidewalks, exteriors, and parking lots, HiCaliber has your pressure washing needs under control. Pressure washing (aka power washing) is an important service to consider when owning a business. You don’t want customers thinking that you don’t take pride in the appearance of your building or in this case… YOUR EQUIPMENT. This is not…

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