Southern Utah Restain Hardwood Floors

Homes in southern Utah that have their original hardwood floors may be left with that old, light oak or pine wood that isn’t modern and now may be the time to update and restain your hardwood floors. Restaining your hardwood floors to give them the rich luxurious color you desire can be quite a task. Beginning by removing furniture then sanding and staining to staining again and sealing and all the while trying to air out your home to reduce the amount of dust and fumes that your breathe in. Wouldn’t it be nice to pick out your restain color and let someone else do all the work? HiCaliber of southern Utah knows that a major project such as restaining your hardwood floors can be too much for most to handle. With our knowledge of techniques along with our friendly crew, we can get in and get the job done quickly leaving you with hardwood floors that look almost brand new. Call HiCaliber today at (435) 674-9338 or visit us online at

Photo: Timber Floors Pty Ltd.

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