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Prevent Tragedies With Smoke Alarms

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You can prevent tragedies simply by testing and maintaining your smoke alarms and practicing a fire escape plan. All smoke alarms in your house should be tested once a month and their batteries replaced annually. Every family should develop a fire escape plan and practice it at least twice a year.  Every year in the United States, about 3,000 people lose their lives in residential fires. Most fire victims die from inhalation of smoke and toxic gases, not as a result of burns. Most deaths and injuries occur in fires that happen at night while the victims are asleep.

Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms in the home are considered one of the best and least expensive means of providing an early warning of a potentially deadly fire. Smoke alarms save lives, prevent injuries, and minimize property damage by enabling residents to detect fires early in their development. HiCaliber services fire damage and restoration projects throughout all of Southern Utah including St. George, Hurricane, Cedar City and Mesquite Nevada. Call us at 435-674-9338 or visit us online at  We will be there within moments of your call.

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