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1270 South 1900 East
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Planned Fire In Southern Utah/Arizona

mountain peaks with smoke haze

Fire Managers announced October 12, 2010 that they plan to initiate the Walla Valley Prescribed Fire within the next few weeks. This fire will be located approximately 10 miles west of the North Rim developed area in the Walla Valley and Point Sublime area. It’s intended to simulate a natural fire event by mimicking a group of lightning ignitions and allowing them to spread naturally. It is expected that smoke from the Walley Valley Prescribed Fire will be visible from most of the South Rim, as well as Hwy 67 and the North Rim Entrance Station. Visitors should expect smoke to settle into the canyon in the evenings and to slowly rise out of the canyon again once temperatures warm during the day.  If you live near this area, keep your windows closed as much as possible.  But, also be aware that smoke enters the cracks and crevices of homes and businesses and will remain in and between the wall and ceiling. If the smoke odor is not properly removed, the smoke odor will linger and reoccur from time to time. At HiCaliber, we can remove the smoke odor and bring your house or business back to the previous condition. Contact us at or call 435-634-9388.

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