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After the Fire… Dealing With Smoke Damage

Smoke damage caused by house fires can be one of the hardest things to clean up. It seems to stick to everything, and getting rid of it is not easily done. In fact, sometimes homeowners must call in professionals because they simply cannot get the stubborn stains out of carpets, off of walls and off of floor tiles.

Thankfully, the experienced professionals at HiCaliber are just a call away.

HiCaliber has developed a strong reputation in the restoration business for being entirely customer driven! We are not a chain or a national franchise, we are a locally owned business. We have serviced more than 40,000 customers on restoration jobs alone, and those numbers are still rising.

We work 24/7, 365 days a year. Our business phones are always on and will be answered regardless of the time of day. We understand the emotional sensitivity of your situation and we’re here to help take some of the stress and burden off of your shoulders. You’re in good hands!

There are two types of smoke damage: driven and free-floating, both of which are very destructive. Driven smoke is pressurized and has force behind it. This type of smoke is often the cause of smoke-residue found on vertical surfaces such as walls. Free-floating smoke is the product of driven smoke that has lost its energy. Because this smoke is heavier than air, it typically settles onto the horizontal surfaces in the affected structure.

HiCaliber addresses the issues caused by both types of smoke damage, in addition to many other fire-related services, such as air-duct cleaning, board-ups, content cleaning, drapery cleaning, electronic restoration, emergency water extraction, furniture restoration, odor removal, pack outs and storage, professional garment cleaning, and truck-mounted cleaning services for carpets, tile and hardwood.

We are fully staffed and equipped to handle the complete restoration process from start to finish. HiCaliber’s skilled professionals have many years of experience with restoration work, and provide above industry-standard customer service. Rest assured knowing that HiCaliber cares. We are committed to excellence on every job we perform, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Give us the chance to prove our excellent skills and customer service guarantee when you’re in need of restoration work. We can’t wait to earn and KEEP your business!

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