We love working with HiCaliber

We love working with HiCaliber. You guys always go out of your way to take care of the State's office when you clean everyday. You go over and above to make sure we are happy. We look forward to many more years working with HiCaliber.
Anne Hune

I am so happy that I hired you.

I removed and replaced my carpeting in my house so I could sell my home. I was referred by my realtor Laura Taylor to use HiCaliber. I am so happy that I hired you. The carpet looks great!!! I think your team at HiCaliber did a FABULOUS JOB! HiCaliber showed up when you said that they would and did what you said they would. I am so happy. Thank you so much....
Beth Galbreath

You guys are the best!

The carpets and tile turned out awesome! You guys are the best!
Robin Haile

This Business Is Who I Want To Work With

I had the opportunity recently to witness the true character of the folks over at HiCaliber. When the recent floods raged through my neighborhood in Santa Clara, HiCaliber came in and immediately got to work helping my neighbors get their homes clean and dry. They provided their services for reasonable prices to those who could pay and for free to those who couldn’t. Steve, the owner, attended our Flood Aid benefit concert and spent thousands of dollars buying up items in our auction to raise money for the families effected by the flooding. THIS is the type of business I want to work with. I will certainly use HiCaliber for any cleaning services I may require in the future and I will recommend them to my friends and family. Thanks guys!
Tammara Lemmon

HiCaliber Is Kind Hearted

We love HiCaliber at the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic! As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations from patients and local businesses to stay open. They are donating their carpet-cleaning services (even after all of the free services they have donated to Santa Clara flood victims). I am so impressed with the customer service and kind hearted employees who are donating their time to make our clinic a more beautiful place.
McKenzie Felt Dye

Helpful & Friendly

I would recommend HiCaliber to everyone who has any carpet cleaning needs, they are fast and professional, the staff is always very helpful, friendly, and very knowledgeable, they make you feel so much better even when you go through a disaster.
Jodi Meehan

Carpet Looks Better Than When I Moved In

Thank you so much for my wonderful carpet cleaning! My carpets look better than when i moved in, and it smells so great. The gentlemen who cleaned them did a fantastic job and are fun to talk with…Thanks HiCaliber!!!!
Rebecca King

Best Carpet Cleaners

Best carpet cleaners in town, bar none!
Cameron Turnbow

Best Customer Service

Thank you so much HiCaliber for the carpet cleaning. Your guys did an AMAZING job. I can’t believe how much better it looks in our house. When I met them at the house your guys (I am horrible I cannot remember their names….sorry) were so friendly and helpful. You seriously have the best customer service and staff. Everyone makes you feel like family. Thank you again for providing this contest. It helped us more than you will ever know. We are so grateful for HiCaliber.
Merrilee Barton

Individualized Attention

We are reoccurring customers at HiCaliber. We have pets and HiCaliber clean our carpets every six months. They’re personable and honest and they give such individualized attention its as if we are the only family they are serving. I will definitely recommend their services to my closest family and friends. Thanks!
Robertson Writers

HiCaliber Can Meet Your Needs

Awesome customer service. Professional and caring. HiCaliber went above the call of duty on the work at my home. Highly recommend using HiCaliber to meet your needs. Thank you again for your personable and friendly staff! HiCaliber has outstanding service, as always you go above and beyond the “norm” contributes to what makes you such a wonderful group to do business with.
Malinda Hintz

Amazed With HiCaliber

We recently had HiCaliber come and clean our carpets in our entire home. How grateful we are for HiCaliber. We had a not so potty trained puppy and the evidence of the puppy is gone! The carpets look new again, the carpets are fost underfoot. We will definitely use HiCaliber again, and you can bet we will recommend you, too. Thank you so much!
The Carpenters

High Quality Professionalism

Thank you so much for the thoroughness of your report. You did an excellent job on the home inspection you performed. I will be recommending this service you provide whenever I can. It’s nice to deal with an owner owned business that provides a personal service. I doubt that I would have received as complete as a report from another impersonable inspection company. The web site to your actual report, just everything is such high quality professionalism. I especially liked the fact, that you explained to me verbally and in writing the minor problems the property has but, are not deal killers, and how the repairs should be done. This prevented panic on my part, and with the pictures provided, reassured me you visually inspected the whole house. The biggest problem when buying a house is the uncertainty involved in the whole process. You have successfully removed the uncertainties in my purchase. Kudos to you and the employees at HiCaliber, you were fantastic to work with. I will for sure being doing business with you in the future.
Mike Marshall

HiCaliber Is Like Family

HiCaliber was fantastic to work with. We were referred by our plumber. We could not be happier about the services performed at our home by this company. We absolutely love our newly remodeled home. HiCaliber treated us not like a customer but as if we were a part of the family. We would highly recommend HiCaliber to our friends and family.
Lamar & Betty Fox

So Happy We Were Referred To HiCaliber

When we had our water damage at our home, we were referred by our insurance agency to contact HiCaliber. HiCaliber was prompt in taking care of the cleanup and rebuilding process. In fact, we did some remodeling changes while the work was being completed. We were very pleased with the customer service and the performance provided by HiCaliber. We could not be happier about how our home turned out. Thank you again!
The Petersons

Love HiCaliber

When my home went up in flames, HiCaliber was contracted out to take care of the complete demolition and rebuilding process. HiCaliber was truly amazing; they handled literally everything and worked with the Insurance Company to reconstruct my home. HiCaliber was sensitive to all of my needs. I did not have to worry about a thing. I am just so happy with HiCaliber and I would recommend them to everyone I know, their name says it all.
Marcia Stucki

You Are Appreciated & Noticed

Thanks, You guys are awesome! We really appreciate you helping us out of our mess, literally. You still are there to help however you can and it’s so appreciated and noticed. Thanks again!
Dixie Applied Technology College

Will Always Be Highly Recommended

Thank you so much for your competency and professionalism. I appreciate your companies honesty and integrity, you will always be highly recommended!
Barry & Joyce Johnson

Having A Problem Was Worth Meeting The Staff At HiCaliber

Having a problem at my house was worth it, because I was able to meet the staff at HiCaliber. Your honesty, generosity, and helpfullness will never be forgotton. If I ever need you, I know I can call on HiCaliber. Blessings all around!
Sue Miller

HiCaliber Provides Outstanding Service

I had a water leak and called A Better Plumbing Company, (great service also), they recommended HiCaliber. I called for an estimate and they had someone there that day. Lonnie, the office manager got me the bids back quickly. She worked with the insurance adjustor which was a great help, it felt like I had someone on my side. She very patiently explained everything having to do with the job, and had a lot of good suggestions for how to repair and improve my house. I was impressed that not only were they on time to appointments, but they were often even a little early. The quality repairs were done quickly. I even got follow up calls making sure I was happy with the work, and letting me know they’d stand behind it. They provide outstanding work and customer service.
Varlo Davenport

Thinking of you

I am so thankful for all that have done for me. I know, it could have been a total disaster without you guys. You took care of literally everything. I know you put a lot of stressful hours into our behalf. Thanks, for keeping everything going. I just want you to know deeply appreciative I am of HiCaliber. Thanks again and god bless.
Darlene McGoldrick

Peace of Mind

We had a serious water damage at our house. HiCaliber came out and addressed the damages and went right to work. We were so impressed with the professionalism of HiCaliber. HiCaliber took great care of us. The office staff went beyond the call of duty when it came to the insurance company to make sure that everything was covered and replaced. Also, the work that went into getting all of the poly pipe plumbing replaced in our home. I am a truck driver, and so I am gone days on end. I never had to worry about my family left behind because I knew I could trust HiCaliber. Thank you HiCaliber, for the peace of mind and your dedication to the quality of service you all gave to Audrey and I. We are very happy with the work performed. We are very grateful for you all. We know exactley who to call if we ever our need of your services. Thank you again!
Brian & Audrey Copeland

HiCaliber gets our endorsement

Everyone at HiCaliber has been so great, and we really appreciate the work that has been accomplished! You folks definitely get our endorsement!
Scott w/ Emerald Springs Association

First Class Work

We are out-of-town home owners who needed some repair done to our garage door, wall, and stucco on the front of the house due to a guy losing control of his car and ramming into our tenants’ vehicles in the driveway so hard it did all this damage. We got two estimates which were virtually identical as far as the dollar amount, but the similarities ended there. HiCaliber went out the SAME day and produced the most thorough, professional estimate we’ve ever seen, with pictures of the damage and an explanation on each picture of the repairs they would do. The work they did was impeccable. Afterward, I spoke with the tenant, who said their experience with them was so good she was going see about having them clean the carpets again before their little one starts crawling. Would hire them again in a heartbeat!
Tami Parks

Trust your repairs to HiCaliber

My favorite word for HiCaliber is amazing. This company has come to repair two disasters for me. They did an excellent job each time. When a disaster occurs, there is often more than one skill needed to repair all aspects of the problem. Nothing is too difficult for HiCaliber.

Last summer, on a Saturday morning, I was preparing to travel to Sal;t Lake City for an appointment. My upstairs toilet overflowed. The damage extended to four rooms and involved dry wall, carpet, plumbing, paint, tile, and some structural elements of my home. I was desperate. I called my insurance company and was told by their referred contractor they could be out in one to four days. I looked at my inside swamp and decided to call HiCaliber Steve himself came to my home within one-half hour. Steve assessed the damage, told me what HiCaliber could do, assured me I could be on the road for my appointment, and immediately he started to work.

Steve wanted to be sure the repairs would be done as I wanted them to be done, so we spoke on the phone a few times. When I returned from Salt Lake City, everything was complete and better than it was before. Finally, the price was very reasonable and I didn’t need to clean up after the workers. Trust your repair needs to HiCaliber. They are AMAZING.
Lori Blum


I must tell you that both my family and our insurance agent are so impressed with the performance and support that your company provided. HiCaliber is truly committed to doing whatever they can to support their clients in their time of need. Again thanks!
Robert Mattingly

HiCaliber Saved My House

HiCaliber Saved My House!! When my 100 year old historic house was literally falling down due to a broken water pipe outdoors that affected the foundation, HiCaliber assured me they would be able to restore the house to its original look, as well as make it structurally sound. There were many, many challenges along the way, preserving the historic aspects, but Steve remained optimistic and assuring that in the end, all would be fixed, and in some instances, now with added improvements. Steve’s patience, as well as the hard work of so many of his workers, has restored this beautiful historic home to its original splendor. I’m so very thankful the house was saved!!
E Baxter, Hurricane UT
E Baxter, Hurricane UT

Excellent Service

Excellent Service!!!! This is just one of the compliments that I would give HiCaliber. I woke up at 1:00 in the morning to a beeping noise and when I got out of bed I was standing in 2 inches of water. I looked through the phone book and called HiCaliber. I was worried that no one would answer the phone, but they did!! Not just one person showed up but 3 people came and within 30 minutes. They got right to work and within a couple of hours all the water was gone and the drying process was underway. To top this all off I was flying out of Vegas at 8:00 a.m. and going to be gone for a week. I can honestly say that giving my house keys to Steve was not hard to do so his company could continue the repair process while I was away. He put me at ease and I knew that the job would be done right. When I returned home I could not have been happier they exceeded my expectations. Everything was repaired and put back just as if the water damage had never happened. The saying is true “You get what you pay for” Honesty, Reliability, Integrity and Quality Workmanship just to name a few. I will definately call on Steve in the future hopefully next time it’s just for a Carpet Clean not for another Water Damage. Thanks to the team at HiCaliber for all your hard work and efforts on my behalf they are truly appreciated.
Jennifer Lee

You Guys Are Great To Deal With

You are guys are great to deal with!
Miquel Vega

Put HiCaliber’s Phone Number On Speed Dial

Just wanted to say… I will continue to refer my customers and friends to HiCaliber. Lonnie is over the top when it comes to customer service. Make sure you put HiCaliber’s number on your speed dial and in your 72-hour kit if I were you. Do not wait for an emergency to find their number. HiCaliber is the best to work with!
Yancy Barker w/ Exterior Elements Company

Great Company

Great Company & Great Work!
McAllister Insurance Company

You Guys Are Awesome

You guys are awesome! I still can’t believe how fast you guys got that house repaired for my borrowers! I hadn’t seen it before the damage, but when I went to the house right before close, I seriously couldn’t tell where the damage had been, or that there had even been water damage in the house. Amazing!!
Brandon Hutchings w/ SGI Mortgage Company

Miracle Workers

We bought a home in St. George from cat loving, chain-smoking, faux painters. We needed help before we could move in. Calling HiCaliber was the best decision we made! Lonnie, in the office, is amazing! She is professional and was very sensitive to our needs. She knows what needs to be done. She wrote up a detailed invoice and kept us updated of any and all financial changes to our bid. She also made us cookies that took the edge off of a very bad day! Steve and his crew know how to fix everything! They are professional, knowledgeable and very kind. They did everything they promised to do and then some. As unforeseen issues arose they took care of it. The treated our home like their own and worked as if they were the ones living there, not us. We have lived in our home now for 7 months and you would never know that anyone had smoked in this house! They are miracle workers! Steve, Lonnie and the rest of the crew at HiCaliber are good, honest, caring people who have become like family to us. HiCaliber is on speed dial now and will remain there. If you find yourself in need of their services don’t hesitate to call. You’ll be glad you did.
Kim and Kory Woodbury

What a great experience

What a great experience I just had calling HiCaliber to get my carpets cleaned next week. Loni is a very bubbly uplifting person to talk to and HiCaliber is very lucky to have her working for them. This is the second time I am using them to clean my carpets, call them, you will love their work and talking to Loni.
Joan D

What a blessing

What a blessing! Thanks so much for jumping right on the work. You guys did a beautiful job…
Bob & Joan Comer

Incredible Company

I have been a repeated customer of HiCaliber’s for a long time. I have two dogs that like to make a mess of my carpets. I have come to the conclusion that the dogs must really like clean carpets. Every time HiCaliber comes to clean my tile or carpets they do an incredible job, they look brand new. I would never use another company. I know who to use if I am in need of any other services besides carpet or tile cleaning. HiCaliber does everything with commerical, residential and HiCaliber gives excellence service.
Megann King

Totally Impressed

I had HiCaliber take care of removing and replacing my flooring in my entire house. HiCaliber moved out all of my belongings and took extra care of everything and they were amazing they did the job in one day. I was really impressed and so happy with the work they did.
Becky Atchinson

HiCaliber Does It All

I never knew that HiCaliber did so many things as a business and what a blessing that they do because I have needed them on so many different occasions for different things. I know that I will be treated with respect and as a valued customer rather than just another job. It does not matter the size of the job they are always willing to serve and to take care of me. I am so glad that I have HiCaliber’s number on speed dial. I know why HiCaliber has been in business as long as they have been because they really do put the customer first. I will refer and recommend to my friends, co-workers, and family.

I Called The Right Company

You know it is always nice to be in the hands of professionals. I am so glad that I called the right place. I know that there is some choices in the phone book but something that grabbed my attention was the years this company has been in business. I will say it means something to me especially in this economy. HiCaliber really took the time to do the work I hired them to do to a entirely different level. I am so impressed by them and the work they perform. I would highly recommend them to all my family and friends.
Patty Reed

Wonderful Job

HiCaliber did a wonderful job on my carpet cleaning.
Danielle Cottam

The Cleaning Turned Out Really Well

I thought my carpets and couch cleaning turned out really well. HiCaliber worked hard to get them cleaned. Awesome job!!!
Kellie Stilson

I Am A Customer Of HiCaliber’s

HiCaliber does a great job. I can say that because I am a customer.
Chris Noel

HiCaliber Has Always Done A Great Job

HiCaliber always does a good job every time they have ever done any work for me!!!
KG Smith

Established A Great Friendship

I would refer HiCaliber. I have dealt with them over the many years and have established a great friendship with HiCaliber they are great!
The Honorable Judge James Shumate

I Give HiCaliber a 10

I would refer HiCaliber to anyone in fact I give them a 10. This company knows how to do business and doing the job right. I have used HiCaliber on many occasions for water damages and carpet cleaning services over the years. I am very happy with HiCaliber.
Jim Ence DDS

Glad To Work With HiCaliber

The job was done in a timely professional manner and up to my quality working standards. The office staff is helpful and friendly. I would refer them to anyone and would be considered as a repeated customer. I have had to use them on a few occasions.
Dan Johnson

HiCaliber Has Great Business

All of HiCaliber employees were so great to work with they were friendly and I enjoyed having them in my home. HiCaliber does great work. A job well done and I would recommend them to anyone.
Theda Flynn

Excellent Service

Thank you for the excellent service we appreciate all that you do HiCaliber
Bill & Lisa Peterson


Fantastic job, everything worked out as expected!
Bob Webb

A Company You Can Trust

The Hughes Family Trusts have solicited the services of HiCaliber for Retoration work and carpet cleaning on the commerical, residental properties. There has been an on going relationship between ourselves and HiCaliber for many years now. Whenever there is a problem with anything our first call has always been to HiCaliber.

Our experience has always been that HiCaliber respondeds immediately to our needs with thorough, courteous and professional personnel and high quality equipment. Their work goes above and beyond our expectations and their follow through with the Insurance claim assistance, accounting transactions is excellent. HiCaliber is dependable, honest and fantastic to work with this goes for the office staff to the outside technicians working in the field. I would highly recommend them for anyone needing a Restoration job or carpet cleaning that wants it done well, quickly, and economically. I can not say enough good things about HiCaliber.
Hughes Family Trusts

Thank You For Caring

Thank you for all your caring concerns about our situation. I appreciated what you did for us. I had a difficult time in my life but with people like you it makes a world of difference. I can’t say enough good things about HiCaliber.
Jane Hopkins

What A Blessing

Thank you for taking the time to come to our home and share with us your knowledge. The advice you gave us is a blessing and greatly appreciated.Thank you!
Jacob & Amanda Whitney

Putting My House Back In Order

I appreciated the work that HiCaliber did getting my house back in order they did a great job.
Stacy Koch

Like Nothing Ever Happened

Your guys did a great job. It looks like nothing ever happened!!!
Pat Ava-St. George

Thanks A Bunch

Thanks a bunch HiCaliber for always being so great to work with. Your the best!
Ted & Mary Makranczy-St. George

Job Well Done

I came upon an individual on I-15 who needed medical attention. I brought him into my vehicle until help arrived and took him to the hospital. However the result was an interior with blood stains on the seat, dashboard, and center console. The SGPD recommended Hicaliber to me for clean up of this nature. Lonnie put me at ease and gave me confidence the mess would be cleaned properly leaving no concern for contamination from the blood. I can say without a doubt, Hicaliber provided the service one would expect when dealing with biological clean up issues.?
G. Matthews – St. George, UT

Fast, Excellent Service

Our basement had incurred some water damage. Hicaliber found and fixed the source of the problem, laid the cement, repaired the damaged basement and cleaned our carpets all within 7 days. The employees were professional and friendly. I definitely recommend Hicaliber to anyone needing home repairs.?
Lara Hills

Friendly & Professional??

I was amazed with the large amount of services HiCaliber offers. They were able to help me with all my needs. They were friendly and professional. I will definitely be a return customer.
Summer Robertson – St. George, UT


After returning from a Vacation when we arrived home we saw water coming out of our garage door. When I opened the door the ceiling in the family room was on the floor. I called my Insurance company and they told me who to call. They referred me to a local restoration company, the same one my neighbor had used for a damage he had had. My neighbor told me what a bad experience he went through with them and so I told the Insurance company that I would not use them. I was going to call who I wanted. I pay my premiums and they could not force me to use who they said. I called HiCaliber and I am so glad I did.

They quickly arrived and went right to work removing all the damaged drywall to get to my furniture under all the mess. They were amazing! They worked hard and effecient doing all the repairs as if the damage had never happened. They kept the work area clean while protecting the rest of my home. The office staff worked so well with my Insurance Company and were so kind and understanding to me. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional company. Hicaliber is the Very Best Company I have ever seen. I got on their website and couldn’t believe all the things they do. I would wholeheartedly recommed this company to everyone.
RB – Mesquite, NV

Could Not Be Happier??

I have had to use HiCaliber on a few occasions for water damages caused by a ice maker, air conditioner, and water softener. Yeah, I know I have had my fair share of disasters let me tell ya. However I am so truly thankful for making the right call. HiCaliber is committed to the highest working standards possible. They have an amazing staff who you can tell love their job and the customers they are working for. This company has been in business a long time and I can see why.

The level of expertise and knowledge does not even compare to the other local competitors. HiCaliber can do anything with a home. I have referred them to family, friends, and neighbors because I know that they can be trusted and will take care of them in every aspect imaginable. If you want to find the right company to take care of you as well you really need to call HiCaliber.?
Stephannie Barnes-Washington, UT

Honest and Knowledgable

I have worked with HiCaliber, Inc. over the last eight years on several occasions. They are extremely knowledgable, prompt and professional in all aspects of the restoration process. I appreciate the honest work and pricing they gave me. I would for sure use them again and recommend them to others that have a need for a great disaster restoration company.
J.Jensen – New Harmony, UT?

Prompt & Professional????

I honestly came across Hicaliber by process of elimination in the phone book and am so glad I found them. First, props go to Lonnie for actually answering the phone, unlike the first few attempts I made to other companies. She was knowledgeable and professional, representing herself and company very well. Second, I met Steve who MADE time to come over literally at his earliest convenience, then evaluated my needs and set the earliest mutual appointment time that fit my schedule. Finally, Steve and his son Kyle came exactly when they said they would this morning and did a PERFECT job in less time than they anticipated and than I thought they’d be able to do. Steve’s number is in my cell and, though I hope I don’t need to call, I am relieved to know exactly who to call from now on!?

Two Thumbs Up!??

Carpets can take quite a “beating” and as a property management company it is a very high priority for our customers to be able to move into a house and turn it into a home. HiCaliber has made miracles happen turning beat up carpet into almost new condition for our customers all over Southern Utah. Working with HiCaliber on multiple properties on a monthly basis we HIGHLY recommend HiCaliber for all of your restoration needs because we know with certainty they can exceed your expectations.
Jensen Property Management – St. George, UT

Great Service

We had a plumbing leak that damaged the floor to our kitchen and the ceiling of the basement family room below. Hicaliber was recommended by our plumber, so I set up an appointment with them. I could not be more pleased. They were on time or a little early to all appointments. Their work was done well, and quickly. But the real star was Lonnie, who helped with the insurance company and the adjustor – it really felt like I had someone on my side. It seems like they are all personally invested in the restoration of my home, and my happiness with their work.?

HiCaliber Saved Me

Steve from HiCaliber saved me. I bought a house that had been a foreclosure. The people that lost this house had taken and destroyed alot in the house. They took everything from the water heater and garbage disposal to the light fixtures and shower heads. They even ripped out the gas fireplace insert and put a huge hole in the wall. I couldn’t close on the house until everything was fixed.

First I needed a home inspection and Steve did that. Then Steve and his crew came in like knights in shining armor. They fixed everything in less than a week and cleaned the tiled floors and carpet. I highly recommend them for everything and anything. Besides all the work they did, there office manager Lonnie did everything else and dealt with the bank so I didn’t have to. They are the best. Thank you HiCaliber.?
Nina Heck – St. George, UT

Quality Company (5 stars)

HiCaliber Inc. is a high quality company from the top executives all the way down through the workhorses of the company. The company has been in business for over 30 years and when you work with them you know why.
John – St. George, UT