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Upholstery Cleaning

It is so important to professionally clean your upholstery. Why clean your upholstery regulary? The most obvious reason is ” Because they look dirty.” However, there are several reason to consider regular professional upholstery cleaning even when dirt does not show. All these reason can be quite significant to the health of your family and pets. You want to protect your expensive carpets and furnishings.


1. Better air quality in your home through removal of bio-pollutants from your floors and soft furnishings.

2. Removal of dust and danders that can trigger symptoms for allergy and asthma suffers.

3. Removal of microscopic bacteria and germs you cannot see but that can make you sick.

4. Restoration of colour and texture of the upholstered fibers.

5. Removal of stains that tend to set in over time and making it difficult to remove.

6. Protection of your home’s major investements, in turn, saving you money.

7. Lengthens the life.

HiCaliber is always running great specials for upholstery cleaning. Be sure to check out our website for discounts. Give our office a call or website to schedule right online for your appointment it is very convienant. Our facebook page great for recipes, diy tips, giveaways and much more. Keep HiCaliber in mind when wanting to have professionals services done. We will offer you the proper care and attention that is needed for your cleaning needs.

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