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Water Damage

Small amounts of water accumulating over time in your home have now caused devastating water damage and HiCaliber of Southern Utah is here to help with your flood restoration. That dripping noise you’ve been hearing at night was not only annoying as you try to drift off into sleep, but it’s has also been damaging as each drip added was further damage that occurred. Water damage can be disastrous as it penetrates carpeting, drywall and framing. With each layer that the water infiltrates is further and possibly more costly repairs. Oftentimes the entire flooring or walls need to be replaced for complete restoration from your flood needs. Ripping up carpet and padding, tearing down drywall and replacing them all can take a big chunk from your pocketbook. HiCaliber of southern Utah will work with your home insurance company regarding your flood protection to safeguard less that you’ll be responsible for. Whatever the remainder, HiCaliber has more than fair prices to help you completely restore your home from flooding water damage. Call us for first time response for your floor restoration needs at (435)674-9338 or visit us online at

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