HiCaliber is using the best building technology available called Quad-Lock insulated concrete forms. Quad-Lock provides optimal living and working environments that are built safely, more comfortably and environmentally friendly than standard building structures. Quad-Lock forms solid, reinforced, concrete buildings with space left within the walls to run utilities and backing through. This advanced building method provides superior insulation;  making the walls virtually sound proof. In addition, Quad-lock is 4-hour fire-rated. Isn’t it about time your home worked for you?

As concerns about energy supplies and global warming continue to be debated, one idea remains clear; the best way to reduce energy use is effective building insulation. Since buildings are responsible for about half of our total annual energy consumption, it only makes sense to design and build them with a lower appetite for energy in the first place.

At HiCaliber, we work to design zero-energy homes. The term zero-energy refers to structures that have been designed with all components of the unit working together as a cohesive unit.

The building shell, the windows, the HVAC, the hot water and the electrical are designed and constructed to optimize performance, thus giving our homes a 500+ year life-expectancy.

We service Southern Utah and surrounding areas.  Located in Saint George Utah.  Find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/HiCaliber, for updates and special promotions.  Contact us at 435-674-9338


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