Carpet + Upholstery Cleaning Magic

Heavily Soiled Traffic Areas

Traffic areas in the home tend to take a huge hit if the area is carpeted. If you have lighter colored carpet, it’s hard to keep the traffic a secret.

Carpet protection is something that we would highly recommend for the carpet seen below. If you have kids and/or pets, it is going to be quite the adventure keeping this carpet looking fresh. Unless of course you request guests wear plastic booties over their shoes! But let’s face it, the reason you have a home is so you can LIVE in it. What is the point if you’re not going to enjoy your space. It’s comparable to owning something you don’t use, let it take up space in storage and just look at it.

Upholstery Restoration

We all know someone who has had plastic protectors on their upholstery. If you have HiCaliber’s number, you don’t need to cover anything in plastic or rubber to keep it looking new. Furniture can be a costly investment. It’s only understandable that you would want to protect it, but you should also be able to sit on it comfortably. You would not believe some of the stains HiCaliber has successfully removed from upholstery. The before and after difference is AMAZING.

The HiCaliber Difference

Our equipment is top of the line. Our cleaning process includes steam extraction, which provides the most thorough cleaning possible, per industry and carpet manufacturer standards. We use filtered soft water heated to 225 degrees Fahrenheit to kill virtually all bacteria in the carpet. With this technology the stain is actually lifted from the fiber, not just covered. You will also benefit from odor and allergen removal. Aesthetics is just the beginning to having your carpet and upholstery cleaned.

There are health benefits too. It’s just icing on the cake! If you have seasonal allergies we can help. You can count on us to be extremely thorough in our services as we work to restore everything to ‘like- new’ condition. We are concerned with making your carpets clean, as well as ensuring your safety by eliminating harmful bacteria from your home/office environment. Our processes are environmentally friendly and the products we use are biodegradable.

We offer better-quality service, from the office staff to our technicians in the field, than any other company in this line of work.

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