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If you have children, chances are you know what we are talking about when we say “let’s just put saw dust down on the ground.”
It may be more practical for the messes, but it’s not exactly comfortable or aesthetically pleasing. So before you go to your local saw mill for dust, call HiCaliber to see if we may be able to assist in damage control.

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Some of the most stubborn stains have successfully been removed by our highly trained technicians. We go above and beyond on all our carpet cleaning services. From pet urine, stains, and traffic wear we have all your carpet restoration needs covered.

We maintain commercial buildings, and home residences. There is no job too large, or too small.

We also have the proper equipment for carpet re-stretching. If there are areas of carpeting in your home that have started to “buckle” let us know, and we will take care of it. When carpet buckles or “bubbles” it can be a safety issue. Not only is it an eye sore, it can be a tripping hazard. With a quick fix at hand, HiCaliber is committed to excellence.


  • 10-Step Deluxe Plan
  • 1. Furniture Moving: The utmost care is exercised in moving your furniture during the cleaning process.
    2. Heavy Duty Vacuuming: We use a highly efficient, commercial-grade vacuum for maximum dry-soil removal, with additional emphasis on areas near baseboards.
    3. Spot Removal: Special spotting agents will be used in an attempt to remove persistent spots.
    4. Pre-Conditioning: Specially formulated agents are used to prepare your carpets for maximum soil suspension.
    5. Carpet Agitation: A conditioning agent is groomed into the carpet fibers, bathing each fiber entirely while the soil rises to the surface.
    6. Jet Stream Extraction: Heated soft-water is injected deeply into the carpet fibers. Then a powerful suction extracts the dirt and filth, as well as the excess cleaning solution; 98% of the moisture is removed!
    7. Low-Speed Buffing: Removes excess cleaning agents and insures thorough soil removal.
    8. Baseboards / Fab Set Application: Special attention is paid to carpet near walls and corners. Application of this special agent helps to neutralize the PH balance of your carpet.
    9. Tab Furniture: Furniture and/or objects that may leave marks on the floor are placed on carpet-safe blocks. We also place moisture resistant protectors under all legs of furniture to avoid rust or furniture stains. These tabs are easily removed by our customers once the carpets have dried.
    10. Final Finishing: We carefully groom your carpet’s pile, which results in maximum appearance, softness and rapid drying.

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