With Change Comes Opportunity

Our New Washington Location 

After being on Sunset Blvd for over 25 years, it wasn’t the easiest transition.  But, when you need more space, and there isn’t anymore room you have to make a tough decision.  We are more than happy with the progress of our new facility.  Being able to customize the build has made the space practical and an area for growth.  We can spread our wings here.  The sky is the limit!


New Construction + Build Outs

Being in the construction business, we have all the tools and equipment for this kind of build.  As with any new construction, we are prepared for the job.
For the record: HiCaliber is now located at 1270 S 1900 E, in WASHINGTON, Utah!

We are in the process of switching all our accounts (Google, Facebook, Angie’s list, etc.) so our new location will come up.  It is a process.  Be patient with us!  Once we are settled in, we will do a virtual walk through with you.  Stay tuned!



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