Home Repair + Improvements

Are you searching for a reputable company to do repairs on your home and/or business? Look no further, HiCaliber can’t be beat.
There is no job too large or too small, we have all your needs covered.

Using a licensed contractor for your repair needs is important. We can guarantee your investment will not go to waste. HiCaliber has proudly served people across Utah and Nevada since 1976, our team of professionals is qualified and experienced enough to address all your construction needs. In the home and commercial repairs industry. Experienced and professional are two qualities we are known for. Our customer service can’t be beat. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence on every job we perform. We believe in earning the trust of each of our clients and never lose sight of those who keep us in business.

Repairs + Improvements

Home improvements + repairs can be simple with HiCaliber on your side. All you need to do is make the call 435-674-9338. We will give you an estimate and discuss options. We can relieve your stress by offering a helping hand.

The pictures above are just 2 exampled of repair/improvements we have done recently. The door casing was rotted out (garage exterior). With a few hours, we were able to remove the damaged wood, and replace everything.

Kitchen Improvement

The home owner wanted something new in their kitchen. Why not install a classy vent hood to make cooking easier? It is quite the addition, making this kitchen top of the line. We are confident the residents will love it.

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