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Did you know that carpet can help improve Indoor Air Quality?

Carpeting has been an integral part of the indoor environment. But studies now show that in addition to providing warmth and reducing noise, carpet acts as a filter.

Its dense fiber construction has the ability to trap and retain airborne dust, allergens, small particles and fumes, keeping these contaminants and allergens out of the air you breathe.

Particles, pollen, dander and allergens, which are all light enough to be carried with the wind and too small to be seen, move around indoor and outdoor air. Eventually they settle out on horizontal surfaces. Although dust on bookcases and floors is easily seen, settled dust in carpet is not as visible.

Studies have shown that a professional carpet cleaning can substantially (75% – 99%) remove dust mites, cat and mold allergens from carpet.

HiCaliber has the most up-to-date equipment being used in today’s market. Our cleaning process includes steam extraction, which provides the most thorough cleaning possible, per industry and carpet manufacturer standards. We use filtered soft water heated to 225 degrees Fahrenheit to kill virtually all bacteria in the carpet.

Protect your investment. Call HiCaliber today to schedule your next carpet cleaning.

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