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Guess Who’s Back

We are feeling the need to bring back an old friend. To date, this has been one of the most successful before and after cleans that we have done. There is something so satisfying about seeing that line, from before to after. Chances are, with the hustle and bustle of life, the last thing on…

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Flooring Looking Dingy?

It’s SPRING!  Time for some deep cleaning! If you want to take cleaning to a new level – Call HiCaliber! You will benefit from: Allergen removal Stain removal Odor removal And… A noticeable “renewed” difference. Allergens If you suffer from allergies, the culprit could be buried in your carpeting. We are concerned with making your…

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Spring Clean Is A Thing

The picture below is from one of the 2017 Parade homes. Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids would keep their rooms looking magazine worthy? But, let’s face it… for those that live in reality, and we mean LIVE in their homes know that it is quite the process to keep a home well kept.…

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Blossoms Will Be Blooming

Duct Cleaning In Southern Utah If you are living in northern Utah, chances are you haven’t thought about Spring.  If you are living in southern Utah, you know the blossoms will be blooming shortly.  That being said, now is the PERFECT time to have you duct system serviced. Toxins and allergens collect in heating/cooling systems…

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Commercial Cleaners and Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance Did you know, HiCaliber cleans commercial properties?  Well, now you do!  We have quite an impressive reputation with the properties we service.  We understand that the cleaning process needs to be done after your business hours.  That’s one of the reasons we are known for accommodating difficult schedules. Flexibility We know, if you…

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Removing Bad Odor

EWWWWW That Smell Not ALL teens keep their bedrooms as tidy as the room above. In some cases, there are odors that literally creep their way under the door and infest surrounding areas. Some boys have the tendency to leave old gym socks, food, and other miscellaneous items to rot. For some reason, they are…

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Did you know that carpet can help improve Indoor Air Quality?

Carpeting has been an integral part of the indoor environment. But studies now show that in addition to providing warmth and reducing noise, carpet acts as a filter. Its dense fiber construction has the ability to trap and retain airborne dust, allergens, small particles and fumes, keeping these contaminants and allergens out of the air…

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