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Removing Bad Odor

EWWWWW That Smell

Not ALL teens keep their bedrooms as tidy as the room above. In some cases, there are odors that literally creep their way under the door and infest surrounding areas. Some boys have the tendency to leave old gym socks, food, and other miscellaneous items to rot. For some reason, they are immune to their own stench. The studies as to how this occurs are still ongoing.


Let’s give the young adults a break, and discuss FUR BABIES. They are cute, they are cuddly, but they come with a not so pleasant aroma. It’s not their fault, they can’t clean themselves! Unlike the teen mentioned above, pets are at the mercy of their owners. There is no need to send your the pets to the “dog house.”


Remove The Cause – Don’t Just Mask It

HiCaliber is dedicated to eliminating all traces of odor from the affected area or material. However, this isn’t always an easy task. Even with thorough cleaning, odor molecules can hide inside porous materials like wood, drywall, carpeting, etc. Thankfully, the HiCaliber specialists employ professional cleaning techniques and are equipped with Ozone and Thermal Fog machines to ensure professional quality cleaning and odor improvement. These machines, coupled with interior premium detail, are highly effective at transforming air quality.



Along with removing the cause of the odor, HiCaliber offers a service in conjunction with carpet cleaning called Urine removal.  This technique lifts the urine and bacteria from your carpeting rather than pushing it down to disguise the smell.  There is also something called CARPET PROTECTION that increases dirt resistance, spills, decreases the need for vacuuming.

Odor removal can be life-changing for those who have been subject to extremely foul odors for a lengthy period of time. Bad-smelling areas can negatively affect home and car sales, social gatherings and/or personal contentment. A few of the many sources of unpleasant aromas include: water damage, mold damage, sewer damage, fire damage and many more.

Call us today to have “that smell” investigated by a professional.  Suffer NO MORE!



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