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Dryer Vent + Fire Danger

Dryer Vent Disaster Avoided

Many homeowners are unaware that ducts and dryer vents need to be maintained and serviced regularly. Not only does a residence benefit from the removal of allergens and pollutants from the heating system, but, they could be saving their home from a fire disaster.

When the vent of a dryer gets clogged with lint and debris it causes blockage. With the dryer, there is usually heat involved. If there is no where for that hot air to go… it can become a major risk. See the example below.

This homeowner had no idea that his dryer vent was clogged in such a way. Luckily, one of our technicians was on the roof and could see lint spewing from the top. When we brought it to the homeowners attention, and explained the risk, he immediately asked us to clean the vent.

No one ever assumes their home is at risk of fire. Otherwise, they would prevent it. Educating homeowners is our goal with this blog. We want to make you aware that the risk is real. Keep your loved ones, and your property safe. Call HiCaliber today to have your dryer vent cleaned at 435-674-9338.

Your pocket book will benefit as well.  By having the system cleaned, it will function properly.  Therefore, clothes will become dryer faster and less energy will be used! It’s a WIN WIN!

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