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1270 South 1900 East
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Got Property Problems?


Any home owner or business owner knows with an investment such as a property or home comes MAINTENANCE.

This task can become quite daunting trying to live life and keep up a property.  HiCaliber specializes in such demands.  We can offer anything from janitorial services, to full building maintenance and repair work.

Prepared For Anything

If the roof is leaking, give us a call!  If there is water damage we can address that issue as well.  If it is something as simple as upholstery/carpet cleaning we are prepared.  Regardless of the size of job, we are well equipped.

We have serviced multiple commercial properties in southern Utah.  Ranging from 2,000 sq feet to 100,000.  Without the most up to date equipment, you could be at a job for a week.  But, with our investment in quality tools, we are able to complete most cleaning jobs in a day.

Presentation + Health Benefits

Your space will benefit from ODOR REMOVAL, STAIN REMOVAL, ALLERGEN REMOVAL, AND… aesthetic improvement.  Your employees will benefit from less toxins in carpeting and upholstery.  In turn, that usually equates to less illness!

Dirty Air? Is That A Thing?

But, did you know, that A LOT of the toxins and allergens are actually in your heating and cooling system?  Most people don’t think to look up when trying to address a culprit.  We also offer top of the line duct cleaning!  This is one of the best investments you can make.  By having these systems serviced, they will actually function properly, making your utility costs less.  WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!


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