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Sewer Line Break

When The Sewer Line Breaks

Sewage damage can pose many risks to those in near proximity. Foul odors, bacteria, viruses and physical destruction to property are all concerns to address when responding to these types of calls. Solving the problem-causing issue and cleaning up the remaining mess must be done promptly once the sewage issue occurs. Not only does a professional plumber need to be employed to fix any busted pipes or valves, but experienced cleanup crews with the correct procedures and chemicals to restore the area to pre-accident condition need to be hired as well.

Damaged Pipes Are Risky


Our team of professionals will clean, remove, and decontaminate sewage damage, as well as bringing trusted plumbers on-site to fix any issues related to plumbing repair. We have microbial treatments that are proven to eliminate germs, disease, and other bacteria. We can also remove damaged floor coverings and personal property, depending on the severity of the situation.


HiCaliber’s trained professionals will evaluate the problem and discuss options and costs associated with the restoration required. Sewage back-up can create a stressful and emotional situation while presenting potential health hazards and significant property loss. Let our trained professionals respond quickly to your home or business, and put your mind at ease

Our professionally trained technicians are certified in bio-recovery and are equipped to handle jobs including:

Animal Waste and Carcass Cleanup (Birds, Bats, Rodents, Skunks, etc.)
Contagious Disease Decontamination
Crime/Death/Suicide Scene Decontamination
Drug/Meth Lab Cleanup
Human Waste Decontamination
Industrial and Commercial Accident Decontamination
Law Enforcement Decontamination (Holding Cells, Police Vehicles, Interrogation Rooms, etc.)
Vehicle Cleanup

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