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Water Damage Is No Joke

With all the rain pouring down it is common to see flooding in southern Utah.

But what if your house isn’t exactly “flooded” and it just has some sitting water, that’s okay right?! WRONG

Sitting water can cause damage unseen by the eye, it takes the proper equipment to test moisture that might be trapped in your walls.  HiCaliber is fortunate enough to own the latest moisture detection technology.


If you’ve just experienced a water leak in your home or office you could be facing anything from minor to serious water damage! Either way, HiCaliber’s highly-trained and licensed team is available and willing to mitigate your water damage. Call us anytime; 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to claim our 5-Year Restoration Guarantee on all services performed by our experienced professionals. We service areas throughout southern Utah and southern Nevada.

Did you know there are three categories of water that could be damaging your structure if you’ve just encountered a flood?

Water damage can be a disaster as it penetrates carpeting, drywall and framing. With each layer that the water infiltrates comes more costly repairs. Oftentimes, the entire flooring or walls need to be replaced for restoration needs. Ripping up carpet and padding, and replacing drywall can take a big chunk from your pocketbook.


The Insurance industry has changed over the years, often-times complicating the repair-process for small businesses and customers alike. HiCaliber is dedicated to informing people of their many options for making renovations on the insurance company’s budget. We have been doing all phases of restoration work since 1976 with all the major insurance providers in our service area.


Not Just A Flood?

Sewage damage can pose many risks to those in near proximity. Foul odors, bacteria, viruses and physical destruction to property are all concerns to address when responding to these types of calls. Solving the problem-causing issue and cleaning up the remaining mess must be done promptly once the sewage issue occurs. Not only does a professional plumber need to be employed to fix any busted pipes or valves, but experienced cleanup crews with the correct procedures and chemicals to restore the area to pre-accident condition need to be hired as well.

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