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Southern Utah Home Repair

If you are a resident in southern Utah, you know how brutal the sun can be. Especially to the exterior of a property. Take a look at this patio “shade.” Exposure to the sun has literally rotted the wood, making it a safety risk and a distraction from the beauty of the home. Luckily, HiCaliber…

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Host The Next Party

We’ve all done it!  We have avoided being the hosts of a party because we are afraid of what others might say about the cleanliness of our house. First of all, if they are true friends they won’t care, if they are family chances are they understand.  But… if you just don’t feel comfortable having…

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New Or Improved

Has any one experienced the aging process? By that, we mean, have you noticed a few wrinkles in your skin? Just like your skin, carpeting can wrinkle, or more commonly known as buckle. When this occurs, it simply means the carpet fibers have stretched, forming bubbles in the carpet. These lumps can become a MAJOR…

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Holiday Party Prep

Are you the host this year?  Are you and your home ready for the family to arrive? Let HiCaliber help you with the home maintenance department so you can focus on the one’s you love most!  We are offering a great deal for the upcoming holidays.  $15 off your cleaning service.  This includes, carpet, tile,…

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