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Restoration Services

Disasters happen!  If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation regarding your home or business, give HiCaliber a call.  We will take care of the dirty work. Disasters can be anything from flooding to having an automobile crash into your house. Anything keeping you from safely and comfortably living in your home would be considered…

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Mold Damage

Where Is Mold Found In this particular case, the damage was found in the roof due to lack of proper ventilation.  DO NOT TRY TO TREAT MOLD DAMAGE ON YOUR OWN.  You need proper equipment.  It is for your own health and safety that we suggest using a certified professional for mold removal and testing.…

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Green Monday Savings

Green Monday…  It’s a thing! We are your one stop shop for anything related to home/business maintenance. Take advantage of the savings we are offering! When it comes to providing excellent results and customer satisfaction, we can confidently say that the HiCaliber team is at the top of its game! Proudly serving people across Utah…

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Merry Christmas To You

With Christmas just around the corner, chances are the stress of what to give those you love has surfaced a time or two!  If you need to buy something for someone who has EVERYTHING, give us a call!  Chances are that someone doesn’t own a carpet/tile cleaning machine like ours. We can clean their carpet/tile/upholstery…

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8 Solutions to Common Wet-Basement Problems

Not only does a wet basement feel and smell nasty, it poses a great risk to your home’s value. Left unchecked, basement moisture can ruin floors and walls, encourage mold, even damage roofing. Some wet basements are easy to cure simply by clearing gutters and by diverting gutter water away from the foundation. But if…

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Odor Removal Specialists

Odor removal can be life-changing for those who have been subject to extremely foul odors for a lengthy period of time. Bad-smelling areas can negatively affect home and car sales, social gatherings and/or personal contentment. A few of the many sources of unpleasant aromas include: water damage, mold damage, sewer damage, fire damage and many…

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