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Does it make you feel better knowing HiCaliber is available 24/7 if your property experiences a  flood?  Rain or shine, we are there for all of your restoration needs.   Testimonial “Super fast, friendly and affordable. Technicians were very knowledgeable and responded fast to a sewage flood that suddenly occurred. Two hours after the flood…

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Pressure Washing Heavy Equipment

From driveways, sidewalks, exteriors, and parking lots, HiCaliber has your pressure washing needs under control. Pressure washing (aka power washing) is an important service to consider when owning a business. You don’t want customers thinking that you don’t take pride in the appearance of your building or in this case… YOUR EQUIPMENT. This is not…

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Mold Damage

Where Is Mold Found In this particular case, the damage was found in the roof due to lack of proper ventilation.  DO NOT TRY TO TREAT MOLD DAMAGE ON YOUR OWN.  You need proper equipment.  It is for your own health and safety that we suggest using a certified professional for mold removal and testing.…

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New Year + New Location

2018 has presented HiCaliber with the opportunity for a change of scenery.  We are moving our shop/office to Washington!  This new space will allow us to spread our wings.  The possibilities are endless.  Though it has been quite the process moving all our equipment, we are confident it will be worth it. We will continue…

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Flooding In Southern Utah

This past couple weeks, southern Utah has been hit with rain showers.  This moisture is NEEDED.  One would assume, the rain was responsible for most of the property flooding.  But, the culprit was actually broken pipes for the residents’ we responded to. Day or night, weekday or weekend, we are ready for the call.  The…

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Restoration Services in Southern Utah

FLAMES ARE BLAZING Fires happen when we least expect them.  The most important thing is the safety of the residents. After the health of everyone involved is checked and cleared, it’s time for restoration.  That’s when HiCaliber comes to the rescue. There is no need to stress over the financials when dealing with the aftermath…

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