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We aren’t kidding when we say we can do just about anything in the home!

Below are examples of a typical day in our world!


We like having variety! We also enjoy knowing we really can fix, clean, or build just about anything.

Today we were called out to address an “odor issue” in a home! We used our top of the line thermal fog equipment to eliminate the cause.


HiCaliber is dedicated to eliminating all traces of odor from the affected area or material. However, this isn’t always an easy task. Even with thorough cleaning, odor molecules can hide inside porous materials like wood, drywall, carpeting, etc. Thankfully, the HiCaliber specialists employ professional cleaning techniques and are equipped with Ozone and Thermal Fog machines to ensure professional quality cleaning and odor improvement. These machines, coupled with interior premium detail, are highly effective at transforming air quality.

Odor removal involves four general principles:

Removing the source as possible
Cleaning affected surfaces and materials
Recreating the conditions of penetration with appropriate counteractants
Sealing restorable surfaces as necessary
Certified professionals are trained and experienced in dealing with carpet-related odor. They have the detection tools, the specialized agents, the equipment and the experience necessary to deal with odors of all types and kinds.

The Ozone and Thermal Fog machines are placed in the affected area, filling all crevices and compartments with Ozone fumes which destroy bacteria, viruses and odors. Once the area is cleared of the bad odor, the area is ventilated to rid the room of the Ozone fumes, returning air quality to healthy breathing conditions.

After successfully conquering the odor we moved on to fixing an entertainment center!


Who doesn’t like watching the upcoming football games on a big screen? When your custom entertainment center is not friends with the size of T.V. you ordered there could be a huge conflict. HiCaliber is here to save the day!

We were able to adjust the custom piece to accommodate the flat screen. This beauty just needs a coat of paint and you would never guess that an adjustment was ever made!


When it comes to providing excellent results and customer satisfaction, we can confidently say that the HiCaliber team is at the top of its game! Proudly serving people across Utah and Nevada since 1976, our team of professionals is qualified and experienced enough to address ALL your construction needs.



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