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Black Mold Specialists

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It can happen to anyone!

Black Mold is not something that should be left un treated, it will not go away without professional help.  If left un attended it can spread throughout the home or property.  For example, if the mold starts under the sink in the kitchen, it can go through one cabinet to the other and develop a black mold community.  Penetration of dry wall and particle board is not uncommon.

Mold is a growing problem despite the dry climates of southern Utah and Nevada. When combined with disastrous floods or leaks, mold damage can be compounded very rapidly and even pose risk to those in its proximity if not given immediate attention. It grows in inconspicuous locations, where moisture is present: underneath floors, in between walls and in other moisture-laden places not checked frequently. Mold reproduces by means of tiny spores which are invisible to the naked eye and travel along air currents both indoors and outdoors.

Only a CERTIFIED Professional should remove black mold.

Spare yourself the risk of inhalation and call the professionals at HiCaliber right away.  Not only are we equipped for removal and treatment of the mold issue, we are also general contractors and we can repair any damage to your interior.


Services Included

Microbial Surveys Including Protocols for Abatement
Specifications for Abatement
Abatement Monitoring
Post-Remediation Inspections and Air/Structure Testing

Mold requires nutrients, water, oxygen and favorable temperatures to grow. Nutrients for mold are present in dead organic material such as wood, paper or fabrics; mold can also derive nutrients from some synthetic products such as paints and adhesives. Some molds produce powerful chemicals called mycotoxins that can produce illness in animals and people. Allergic responses may include hay fever-type symptoms such as sneezing, irritation to the eyes, throat, runny nose, red eyes and skin rashes. Research on mold and its health effects is ongoing. For more detailed information consult a health professional.


Insurance Companies

Over the past 30 years in business, HiCaliber has developed great working relationships with many of the area’s insurance companies and its adjusters. When assessing your options for repair, it is important to understand that you have options when selecting businesses to work with in repairing your structure. If a claim is filed you have the right to choose what company or repair firm to work with. We hope you’ll consider requesting HiCaliber to ensure a successful outcome of your project.


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