DIY Cleaning Hacks


Have you ever wondered what is in the cleaning products you use?

If you read the labels the MAJORITY of them will say harmful or deadly if consumed.  So, if they are that dangerous… why are you using them almost every day to clean?  Chances are, the chemical is in the air you breathe, or the surfaces you touch.  NOT a friendly combination.  Below are some examples of less harmful products you could use that will not only be safer, but clean just as good!


Have you ever considered using vinegar in the tank of your toilet?  Where do you think the water inside the bowl comes from?  It all starts in the tank!  If you can use vinegar to cleanse the tank and rid harmful bacteria you are off to a cleaner start.  Just pour the vinegar into the tank, allow it to sit as you clean the exterior of the toilet.  Flush a few times! TADAH!  Magical!  (warning: do not let the vinegar sit for a long period of time)



There are SOOOOO many great benefits of using lemon in the home.  This wonderful fruit isn’t just for a fresh sidekick in your beverage!  Lemon (or lemon essential oil) can be used to prevent mold and mildew, freshen up a space, and is a toxin free cleanser.  What makes this option even more appealing is the fact you could drink it (a drop or two of essential oils) and it wouldn’t cause bodily harm.  It may cause an impressive sour facial expression but it won’t send you to the E.R.  If you use a few drops of lemon oil in a spray bottle with some water, you can spray the mixture on just about any surface for sanitation purposes!  And your house will smell AMAZING!



No one enjoys cleaning the baseboards of their home, and if you do enjoy it, come on over to my house! There is a little secret to keeping the baseboards dust free for longer though!  Presenting to you…. a dryer sheet.  That is correct, the dryer sheets that you thought were wiz bang at keeping your clothing fresh can double as a dust doctor.  When you’re feeling motivated and the dust settling at the top of your base is starting to make your eye twitch, grab a dryer sheet and wipe them off.  Not only will the dryer sheet keep all the debris on the sheet versus making it rain onto the floor, it will also prevent future dust bunnies from settling (for a period of time) NOTHING is permanent when it comes to dust prevention!


Ceiling Fan

On that same note, a dryer sheet can also be used on the ceiling fan!  This is something that can become neglected, because not everyone looks up when they enter a room.  However, if you are laying in bed and the fan is on, and you notice grey snow… chances are your fan is past due for a cleaning.  Same method, use the dryer sheet around the edges and wipe down.  For an even cleaner approach use an old pillow case.  Cover each slat with the case and pull away from the center.  This will keep the dust and debris inside the case versus falling to the ground.  Also, this method is safer!  You won’t be dropping things into your eyes.  WIN WIN!

These are just a FEW of Many user friendly ways to freshen up your home without busting the bank on expense and harmful cleaning supplies.  And DIY ways to keep your home dust free!  We hope these tips have been helpful!

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All About HiCaliber

An Introduction to Some of Our Services


We offer residential and commercial construction, fire and water restoration, and home and carpet cleaning services. As a licensed and insured general contractor, there is no limit to the jobs we can complete for you! Our service is always high-quality and our prices are always fair. Take a look at some of the services we offer, which include:

Residential and Commercial Remodeling:

We are proud to say that we provide a level of experience that is unmatched by any other company. We have the knowledge and know-how to help you begin the commercial or home project that you hope to complete. You tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.

New Construction:

We are equipped to carry out all phases of construction and will gladly build your home from the ground up. We take pride in the quality of home that we build and are confident you will be thrilled with your finished product. We specifically specialize in energy- efficient building processes. Let us help you make your dream home a reality!

Home Inspections:

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, the professionals at HiCaliber know what to look for when inspecting a home. Rely on us to provide you with a home inspector to help you make one of the biggest purchases of your life. To schedule an appointment for a home inspection click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of this page, and complete the forms that follow.


Damage Repair:

We understand that unexpected mishaps can damage your home at any time of the day or night. That’s why we have representatives standing by 24 hours a day to answer your emergency calls! We care about the service we provide and will work with you and your insurance company to get your home back to pre-accident condition as quickly as possible. We carry out damage repair services including smoke and fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, and mold damage restoration and/or removal. We even offer services many people believe to be uncommon including sewage damage, bio-hazard clean up, crime scene clean up, and odor removal. We can do any job, no matter how sensitive the situation.

carpet cleaning BETTER

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning:

We use state of the art equipment while cleaning carpets, tile, and upholstery in your home or office. You can count on us to be extremely thorough in our services as we work to restore everything to ‘like- new’ condition. We are concerned with making your carpets clean, as well as ensuring your safety by eliminating harmful bacteria from your home/office environment. Our processes are environmentally friendly and the products we use are biodegradable.

Pressure Washing:

This under-used and much needed service gives your structure the ‘face-lift’ it occasionally needs! Pressure washing is an incredible option for restoring the look of your building to ‘like-new’ condition. We are among the best when it comes to performing this service at some of the best rates you’ll find!


Janitorial Services:

Whether you are looking for cleaning services for a residential or business property, HiCaliber has the experience, attention to detail, and integrity you’re looking for. Each of our professionals has been extensively trained and is familiar with the chemicals and processes that provide the deepest clean possible.

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Fire + Smoke Damage


Restoration has been keeping HiCaliber busy the last couple of months.  Usually it is water damage, but just recently we were called out for an estimate to restore a local shopping center after a fire. This store has been shut down while the maintenance was underway. Hopefully the company will use HiCaliber to do the remaining repairs. After seeing our reviews and testimonials we are confident to be at the top for consideration.

The fire was caused by a vending machine.  That’s right, a vending machine!  Would you have ever guessed that kind of damage could be caused by an innocent treat dispenser?

Well, if it uses electricity it’s a possibility!  Recall about a year ago when we did repairs on a home that suffered smoke damage from a battery charger?  The smallest things could short out and cause a fire.  Make sure to have smoke detectors updated on a regular basis and a fire extinguisher nearby.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.


This particular fire destroyed drywall and blanketed the floor in soot.  The entire break area, and restroom facilities were smothered in the smell of smoke.  This is NOT a great selling feature when owning a retail business.  The importance of ridding the area of that odor was significant for re establishing success.  

HiCaliber offers odor removal and smoke damage repair services!  We are your one stop shop when experiencing a disaster such as this.



5-Year Restoration Guarantee

HiCaliber proudly guarantees the work we perform, with a 5-Year Restoration Guarantee. We’re so confident in our experience, our team, our work, and our customer service, that we guarantee it! We have been in the restoration and construction business since 1976 and have gradually evolved with the changes of the restoration industry. Our skilled employees are always furthering their education, to stay on the cutting-edge of new technology available in today’s ever-changing market. Restoration isn’t just a job, it’s a profession. We work for you. It’s our goal to make sure you recognize your value to us as a business and as neighbors.


Why you should call HiCaliber

We’ve serviced more than 40,000 commercial and residential projects due to disasters since we started business in 1976. We offer fire damage restoration and other restoration services throughout southern Utah and southern Nevada. Our team receives great satisfaction in helping rebuild people’s lives as well as their properties. We are known for being hardworking, honest, and for doing excellent work.

HiCaliber has developed a strong reputation in the restoration business for being entirely customer driven! We are not a chain or a national franchise, we are a locally owned business.


We want to make sure you are completely taken care of from start to finish. We also understand the emotional sensitivity that occurs when encounter a loss, so let the professionals at HiCaliber do the work and relieve some of your stress.



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Mothers Day 2017

Did you know Mother’s Day is just around the corner?

Give that special Mamma a gift she deserves (or give yourself a gift).

Why not take a day away from cleaning and let the experts at HiCaliber take care of it!

Why?  Because you’re worth it!

I'm a rebel

We rarely do this BIG of a discount on our services, but we want all those Mother’s out there to know we appreciate them. Call before the 14th of May to save $20 on your cleaning service.  This includes – Carpet, Tile, Upholster, pressure washing, rugs, etc.  You name it… We will do it for twenty dollars off!

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The OBVIOUS Difference


Not all carpet and upholstery cleaning companies are the same.  You will notice the difference when using HiCaliber’s services.  We are known for our thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning.  We take pride in knowing we are ABSOLUTELY top rated in customer service and satisfaction.  Our reviews and ratings are proof that we truly are committed to excellence.


“Once again I can’t say enough about how amazing this company is. The staff is personal and professional and go way above the call of duty. We have been amazed at how Kyle and his guys will go out of their way to make sure everything runs smoothly. This is truly a company that cares about “people”. 5++++ stars. Way to go!” – Christin Shumway Olson.

Recent Carpet Cleaning Jobs

Recently we were called for a carpet clean that had some serious traffic wear, and was desperately awaiting our professional services.  You can see in the pic below where there is a defined line from where furniture sat.  This is not uncommon, especially in living areas.  If the space is by the kitchen and occupies a t.v., chances are this area will be hit the hardest.


Take a look at the results.  This is no joke!  We LOVE to see hard work pay off. The dark line in the center is the area that hasn’t been cleaned. This carpet is sighing with relief. That is A LOT of wear and tear!


Not A Believer?

If you are still questioning whether or not it was our equipment responsible for the transformation take a look at the pipe below. That is what ya call “a dirty job,” better out than in we always say. Just think about how many allergens and debris get trapped in carpet? It’s A LOT! You don’t want that surrounding those you love most. A professional cleaning company can give you peace of mind. We recommend having carpet cleaned every 6 months. This will actually lengthen the life of your carpet.


Got Furniture?

But it doesn’t stop at carpeting, we can give upholstery a much needed face lift also. Look at the difference on this couch. WOWZA!


You have to live life. You can’t cover everything in plastic wrap to make sure it stays new. What would the point be” I you can’t enjoy it, it’s just for show! Have fun, make messes! Or better yet, make memories. The messes can be cleaned.   Our technicians are trained professionals who know how to evaluate and clean all types of upholstery. We also use the finest equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals as we conduct our cleaning procedures.


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Flood Damage Progress


What is your EMERGENCY?

What would you do if you received a call from someone who just happened to be passing by your place of business and noticed water flooding from the front door. That’s right… FLOODING from the inside to the outside!  The picture shown above is the lobby.  That’s carpet beneath the chairs. It looks like cement because of the reflection on the water.

We often hear of flooding situations when the rain hits hard and the gutter can’t keep up with the down pour. Emergency calls for damage from an inside water source are not as common.

The Restoration Process

Finding the source of the water leak is the primary focus. After addressing that issue, HiCaliber will start extracting the water. Our high tech, top of the line equipment will remove the majority of the standing moisture. Pulling up the carpeting and pad is necessary to dry the structure in a timely manner. A disinfectant solution is sprayed to prevent microbial growth. Following that process we utilize our air equipment to remove the any remaining moisture.

These steps are ABSOLUTELY necessary to get your property back to a safe working environment. If steps are skipped it will cost you more in the long run. Is some cases, removal of drywall and baseboards are essential for adequate drying. Not to worry, HiCaliber will replace anything that is removed. Before leaving the job, HiCaliber will make sure the property is as good as new


What else can HiCaliber do for you?

We are known for our attention to detail and thorough work. You simply won’t be able to find a better company to work with! We are committed to the highest standards of excellence on every job we perform. We believe in earning the trust of each of our clients and never lose sight of those who keep us in business.

We offer residential and commercial construction, fire and water restoration, and home and carpet cleaning services. As a licensed and insured general contractor, there is no limit to the jobs we can complete for you! Our service is always high-quality and our prices are always fair. Take a look at some of the services we offer below.


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Water Damage In Southern Utah

When a pipe breaks at your place of business it’s not just the mess you have to deal with. It’s the risk of having to close your doors while the repairs are in progress.  


HiCaliber is a 24-7 Emergency Service Business.  What does that mean? It means that if you have water covering the floor of your lobby at three in the morning, HiCaliber will come to your place of business and get to work right away!  We are locally owned and operated.  Some of our technicians have been part of our team for more than 10 years.  Floods… it’s what we do.  It’s our way of life.  DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL as soon as you see water damage.  By calling promptly you could be saving your space from more damage.


Mold is something you should always take into consideration when dealing with water damage.  Mold damage can be compounded very rapidly and even pose risk to those in its proximity if not given immediate attention. It grows in inconspicuous locations, where moisture is present: underneath floors, in between walls and in other moisture-laden places not checked frequently. Mold reproduces by means of tiny spores which are invisible to the naked eye and travel along air currents both indoors and outdoors.

It is VITAL for your safety, and for insurances purposes, that you use certified professionals to restore damage.  We have the proper equipment to test for moisture levels that are not favorable for a working environment.  Do not attempt to tear anything up on your own.  In some cases, complete protective suits must be worn.  It’s not worth the risk to save a little money.


HiCaliber of southern Utah will work with your property insurance company regarding your flood protection to safeguard what you’ll be responsible for. Whatever the remainder, HiCaliber has more than fair prices to help you completely restore your business from flooding water damage. We offer a 5-Year Restoration Guarantee on all services performed by our experienced professionals. We service areas throughout southern Utah and southern Nevada.

Call us for first time response for your floor restoration needs at (435)674-9338



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After the Easter Party

Insta Easter

Did you host a party over the Easter holiday?

Did you color Easter eggs and possibly spill the dye?

Were you making your favorite recipe for the family party, and destroyed your tile?

Did a cute little tot, with chocolate covered hands climb onto your couch?

If you can answer YES to any of those questions, you need our services!

We offer carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services.  Not to mention, FULL janitorial services!

During a holiday weekend, flooring can take quite the beating.  Lucky for you, we have top notch equipment to save the day.  Just when you are ready for nap, your home needs some TLC too!

We are the carpet cleaning experts.  Our technicians are HIGHLY trained professionals ready to get the job done beyond your expectations.  We have transformed many carpeted areas into fresh new spaces multiple times.  You can check out our rating for such services on Angie’s list, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and our website.  We get great satisfaction out of seeing before and after pictures of our carpet cleaning magic!

PicMonkey Collage (2)

10-Step Deluxe Plan

1. Furniture Moving: The utmost care is exercised in moving your furniture during the cleaning process.
2. Heavy Duty Vacuuming: We use a highly efficient, commercial-grade vacuum for maximum dry-soil removal, with additional emphasis on areas near baseboards.
3. Spot Removal: Special spotting agents will be used in an attempt to remove persistent spots.
4. Pre-Conditioning: Specially formulated agents are used to prepare your carpets for maximum soil suspension.
5. Carpet Agitation: A conditioning agent is groomed into the carpet fibers, bathing each fiber entirely while the soil rises to the surface.
6. Jet Stream Extraction: Heated soft-water is injected deeply into the carpet fibers. Then a powerful suction extracts the dirt and filth, as well as the excess cleaning solution; 98% of the moisture is removed!
7. Low-Speed Buffing: Removes excess cleaning agents and insures thorough soil removal.
8. Baseboards / Fab Set Application: Special attention is paid to carpet near walls and corners. Application of this special agent helps to neutralize the PH balance of your carpet.
9. Tab Furniture: Furniture and/or objects that may leave marks on the floor are placed on carpet-safe blocks. We also place moisture resistant protectors under all legs of furniture to avoid rust or furniture stains. These tabs are easily removed by our customers once the carpets have dried.
10. Final Finishing: We carefully groom your carpet’s pile, which results in maximum appearance, softness and rapid drying.


Did we mention dye?  How about coffee, or wine!  The answer is YES WE CAN TREAT THAT STAIN TOO!

If your carpet is relatively in decent shape, but there are a few areas that “didn’t see what was coming” we will come to the rescue.  Some of the most stubborn stains have been successfully removed with our top of the line spotter.



Now let’s address the kitchen!  It is the heart of the home.  Most kitchens are either tile, hard wood, or laminate.  We can’t imagine the disaster that would happen with carpeted kitchens.  Tile, though it is more durable, deserves attention too.  Spill after spill, the grout isn’t invincible.  Some grouts, act like a sponge and are IMPOSSIBLE to get cleaned by hand.  You need to have a professional with the proper equipment save your arms and back from the daunting task of scrubbing.  You will be amazed at the results!


Upholstery Cleaning

This service isn’t JUST for stains from the chocolate bunny the kiddos received in their baskets! Upholstered furniture often attracts dust-mites, so regularly cleaning furniture and upholstery helps keep some of the high traffic areas of your home clean and safe. Cleaning also helps maintain your upholstery’s appearance, performance and longevity! Can you say less sneezing?  I think that is a WIN WIN!

We hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday, and that you were able to spend it with those you love. But, now it’s time to give HiCaliber a call 435-674-9338. We look forward to servicing your property needs.

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Spring Savings

Let the Easter Bunny bring you some savings!

If you are wondering what coupon can be used for, the answer is, ANY TYPE OF SERVICE WE OFFER!

The list is lengthy. See below.

New Construction
Residential & Commercial
Remodels & Additions
Commercial Build-outs
Tenant Improvements
Smart Foils
Quad-Lock I.C.F
Home Inspections
Fire Damage
Smoke Damage
Water Damage
Mold Damage
Odor Removal
Sewage Damage
Crime Scene Cleanup
Bio-Hazard Cleanup
Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Tile Cleaning
Janitorial Services
Pressure Washing
Duct Cleaning
Asbestos Removal

This time of year we recommend having your ducts cleaned. Reason… allergen and debris removal! The air we breathe indoors is often dirtier and more polluted than the visible pollution we inhale outside. Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems have been shown to act as a collection source for a variety of contaminants that have the potential to negatively impact health. Indoor air-quality can cause such problems as asthma, respiratory allergies and aggravated emphysema. When Spring has sprouted, there are A LOT of people who suffer from allergies. Those blossoms create a LOVE/HATE relationship. Though aesthetically pleasing, they are not so friendly allergens. We are extremely thorough when we clean. Odor removal has often been reported as well. Icing on the cake!


May we also suggest dryer vent cleaning. Why NOT! We are already there to service your ducts, might as well give the dryer some TLC. You actually SAVE money by having your vent cleaned regularly. Why you ask? Because, when lint and particles are removed it enables the vent to function the way it was intended! With no blockage, more air circulates, therefore taking less time and energy to dry clothes. You could consider yourself ECO-Friendly by employing our services.

Going Green Is The New Thing!

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Oil Stain Removal


The grage can take quite a hit when it comes to debris and stains.

Pressure washing is an incredible option for restoring the look of your building to ‘like-new’ condition by removing stains, mold, and other signs of use.  This service has been known to reduce the aging process of exterior structures.

oil stain removal

Changing the oil in your garage is common, vehicles sometimes leak.  It happens!

There are very few stains HiCaliber can’t remove.  Our pressure washing equipment is LEGIT!  We use self-contained, mobile, pressure-washing equipment that can pump 225 degree Fahrenheit hot water at 5,000 PSI. We use a gas engine and a concentrating nozzle to boost water-pressure from your garden hose by as much as 60 times its normal pressure level. Our custom-designed equipment enables us to ensure quality results with the professionalism our customers expect.

concrete stain

Most pressure-washing companies use cold water and high pressure machines to do the cleaning, which may not be in your best interest. This cleaning approach can cause extensive damage to your structure as well as sub-standard results.

We Service the Following Fields:

• Residential – Apartment Buildings – Condominium Buildings
• Schools – College Campuses – Hotels
• HOA – Gas Stations – Shopping Centers
• Constructions Sites – Commercial Businesses
• Car-Washing Businesses – Parking Structures


Pressure washing can also be done to prepare a surface for painting, as maintenance on vinyl siding or other building materials, or to improve your home or business’ curb appeal. It’s also a great idea to pressure wash advertising signs, awnings, bulldozers, buses, churches, garages, recreational vehicles, restaurant vent hoods, schools, construction equipment, etc. We are among the best when it comes to performing this service, at some of the best rates you’ll find!

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