Upholstery Cleaning

Disaster avoided thanks to upholstery cleaning by HiCaliber!


If you walked into your living space to find your favorite chair had been “gooped” all over… What would you do?
Don’t panic! Call HiCaliber at 435-674-9338.

One would assume that there is no turning back after fabric/fibers had been attacked by this all too trendy goo. What the advertiser’s don’t tell you is, it will STICK to hair and upholstery very effectively. They also don’t have tips as to how to remove it if it does stick to something. We can’t help in the hair department, but we are experts with upholstery!

Knowing the proper technique and chemical to use could mean the difference between saving the day and making it worse. It is worth the money! Especially if something that has been affected holds sentimental value. No need to start shopping for a new chair/couch just yet. We have a reputation for getting rid of the most horrendous stains. It is something we are proud of.

upholstery 2017

Your upholstery will benefit from the following:
Odor Removal
Allergen Removal
Debri Removal
Stain Removal
Fresh look

You’re welcome!

Not only are we upholstery savers, we are top notch for customer service. We know who keeps us in business, and we will treat you like family!  We have earned A LOT of awards for going above and beyond for our customers.

Testimonial – see it from a local!

HiCaliber Can Meet Your Needs

Awesome customer service. Professional and caring. HiCaliber went above the call of duty on the work at my home. Highly recommend using HiCaliber to meet your needs. Thank you again for your personable and friendly staff! HiCaliber has outstanding service, as always you go above and beyond the “norm” contributes to what makes you such a wonderful group to do business with.” –Malinda Hintz



You can easily schedule an appointment with us by phone or directly on the website. Fill out the online form or visit the Contact Us page. Your call is important to us and we always have representatives standing by to assist you. If you’re looking for the best in the business, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Call us today!

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Pressure Washing After Flooding



This is NOT an uncommon site to see after a rain storm in southern Utah. You will notice the gorgeous red rock surrounding this area. But, let’s face it… these rocks are not sponges.
Parking lots, trails, sidewalks, driveways, gutters, and so much more can become congested with material washed up from a storm. This can be problematic for proper drainage. Not to mention, if your parking lot is covered in dirt, it may become a mystery as to where you should park!!!

Pressure washing has multiple uses:

prepping an exterior for paint
advertisement signs
exterior of homes and businesses
commercial uses

When owning a business it is in your best interest to keep your facility presentable. This includes the exterior and surrounding areas. Sometimes, the first impression is the only chance you get! Make sure it is a positive on and give HiCaliber a call. We will pressure wash the area and give it a fresh look!

We aren’t kidding when we say we can pressure wash just about any surface! Brick and stucco have been known to be the most stubborn exteriors that absorb dirt it seems. We are prepared for the job! With proper equipment, the professionals at HiCaliber have turned shabby into superb!


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Allergen Free Carpet + Upholstery Cleaning


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can have a positive impact on your health!

Have you ever wondered what is laying in the fibers of your carpet or upholstery?

Trust us, you don’t want to know! Let the experts at HiCaliber take care of that mystery!

If you have allergies, or have a loved one who does, chances are you know what we are talking about when we explain the health benefits to having carpet and upholstery cleaned on a regular basis. It is recommended that your carpets be cleaned at least once or twice a year with a professional steam-extraction cleaning process. Doing this helps to preserve the life of your carpet, and creates a cleaner environment for you and your loved ones.

Or, did you buy a home from someone that owned a cat or dog?  Have you been sneezing or experience itching???  

There is an actual process we use called “pet treatment” that has been proven to remove odor.

the line

We are concerned with making your carpets clean, as well as ensuring your safety by eliminating harmful bacteria from your home/office environment. Our processes are environmentally friendly and the products we use are biodegradable.  By using eco friendly product, your home won’t smell like heavy chemical when we leave.  We aren’t masking the smell, we are removing it!  There is a difference!


Upholstered furniture often attracts dust-mites, so regularly cleaning furniture and upholstery helps keep some of the high traffic areas of your home clean and safe. Cleaning also helps maintain your upholstery’s appearance, performance and longevity!

Stain Remover, Odor Removal, and Allergen Removal!  It’s a Home run with HiCaliber!

Carpet protection should also be considered each time you have your carpets professionally cleaned. This application is inexpensive and very worthwhile. When you are in need of carpet repair work, re-stretching, animal odor removal, or installation of new carpet, let us take care of you. We are competitively priced and available to work on jobs of any size.

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Splendid Sept

What is your favorite part of Fall?  

There is quite a list when it comes to the beauty of autumn.

  1. falling leaves
  2. the temperature lowers
  3. pumpkin spice is back
  4. the scents
  5. Halloween is closer
  6. school is back in session
  7. football
  8. COLOR

Suggestion Corner:

There is something therapeutic about crunching through fallen leaves.  If you have not done this, we highly suggest it!  With changing leaves, comes a chance for change in the home!  Whether it be, switching the pineapple candle for “Sweater Weather, or “Pumpkin Waffle” or an entire MAKEOVER!


One thing that can make your living room seem completely different, is changing out the throw pillows!  This can be spendy, so be careful.  By taking out the neutral colors, and replacing with rust, yellow, or red, your space will quickly transform into a festive nest!

BAKING is in the air!  When the temp leaves triple digits, the stove becomes more welcoming.  Pinterest has SOOOOOO many recipes using pumpkin.  Not kidding, when you see the pictures you will get hungry.  The smell of cinnamon and/or pumpkin in the home gets us excited!  Who doesn’t like PUMPKIN bread?  If you raised your hand, we are sorry!

When school starts back up, the home becomes a silent refuge from 8-3 in most counties.  This my friends is the perfect time to put a pot of apple cider on the stove, grab your favorite fuzzy blanket, and watch Hocus Pocus.  Just a suggestion!


Ready for the pumpkin patch?

This type of outing can make for some awesome memories.  We highly recommend taking the camera.  If you can handle it, allow the kiddos to pick their own pumpkins!  It may take a lot of deep breaths, but trust us, if they pick it… they will be more excited.  If you aren’t a fan of carving pumpkins, there are some great alternatives.  Such as:  wax dripping, dipping or painting with paint, or coloring with oil pastels (kid friendly).

As you can see FALL is a big deal in our family.

Use some of the ideas for FALL FUN FOR EVERYONE.


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Labor Day:

What it Means. Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

To thank all YOU hard workers for our nations success, we are offering $20 off a cleaning service booked now through September 30th.

labor day

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Ooooh La La, Kitchen Remodel


Its A Process
But… the results pay off!


Kitchen remodeling can take some time, you might feel as if you have been living in sawdust for awhile. But, the end result is totally worth not being able to access a mixing bowl. We guarantee it. We’re so confident that you’ll love our customer service and the quality of our work that we guarantee it. We’ve worked hard for more than three decades to develop our name and reputation, and are committed to maintaining our standard of success!


If you need some assistance with finishing touches and color matching we can be your guides. Everyone is treated like family when they call us for our services. For some, picking out the finishes, back splash, and appliances is exciting. For others, not so much! We can be completely involved or… just intervene when asked. Its up to you. We will NEVER pressure you to do something in your remodel that you are not comfortable with. We will never give you an unrealistic estimate for completion. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is! So if you have a contractor giving you a deadline with rainbows and unicorns attached be warned, they may skip corners. We take pride in every job we complete and make sure all the details are show stoppers!


Experienced, professional, and customer driven are three of the TOP words used to describe HiCaliber.

We are proud to say that we provide a level of experience that is unmatched by any other company. We have the knowledge and know-how to help you begin the commercial or home project that you hope to complete. You tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.

When you are looking for the best, put HiCaliber to the test!

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Carpet Cleaning Professionals


The results speak for themselves!


Making that harsh line disappear is one of our many magic tricks!
Along with stain remover, odor removal, and pet treatment – We can do it ALL!

We are concerned with making your carpets clean, as well as ensuring your safety by eliminating harmful bacteria from your home/office environment. Our processes are environmentally friendly and the products we use are biodegradable.

HiCaliber will treat your home or business as if it was our own. Our company is completely customer driven and our repeated referral business speaks for itself. We have performed thousands of carpet cleaning services since we started business in 1976 and we pride ourselves on doing each job right the first time.


HiCaliber Is Kind Hearted

“We love HiCaliber at the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic! As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations from patients and local businesses to stay open. They are donating their carpet-cleaning services (even after all of the free services they have donated to Santa Clara flood victims). I am so impressed with the customer service and kind hearted employees who are donating their time to make our clinic a more beautiful place.” -McKenzie Felt Dye

Positive Feedback

Carpet Looks Better Than When I Moved In
“Thank you so much for my wonderful carpet cleaning! My carpets look better than when i moved in, and it smells so great. The gentlemen who cleaned them did a fantastic job and are fun to talk with…Thanks HiCaliber!!!!” -Rebecca King

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Some may not know this, but, duct and dryer vent cleaning should be done to prevent a fire hazard.

Ducts and dryer vents won’t maintain themselves.  With build up, the pipes can become the perfect place for a fire to ignite.  This is not something you want to come home to.

There are other health benefits to having ducts serviced.  Toxins and allergens have a tendency to make themselves at home in ventilation systems.  When you blast the air, you could potentially be having an allergen party without even knowing.  You would be surprised at what we have found in some of the systems we have serviced.

If you or your loved ones have a weaker immune system, this service could definitely benefit you.  By having clean air, you can focus on staying healthy.



Is There a Way to Prevent Re occurrences?

In addition, HiCaliber applies chemical biocides, designed to kill microbiological contaminants to the inside of the duct work and to other system components. HiCaliber can also apply chemical treatments to encapsulate or cover the inside surfaces of the air ducts and equipment housings to help control mold growth and prevent the release of dirt particles or fibers from occurring.

We have equipment that enables us to see what is inside the hardest to reach sections.  If you smell something disturbing, we can find the culprit thanks to technology.  By finding the source, we can remove it, versus just masking it for a short period of time.  Odor free is the way to be!


Safety First

We have actually been called out for a fire restoration project due to a dryer vent.  This is not something that should be neglected.  Keep those you love safe, call us to clean your dryer vent to keep your mind at ease.

Not only will you benefit for safety purposes, but, there is a financial advantage as well.  When you dryer vent gets clogged or is congested the dryer won’t function at full capacity.  When this happens, it takes longer to dry the clothing.  Save yourself the extra drying time, save money, and energy!  We love encouraging eco-friendly tips!

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The house is quiet… What do you do?

Call HiCaliber of course. Having the kiddos home all summer has definitely taken a toll on your tile, carpeting, and upholstery. It’s time to capitalize on an empty house, and sit back while HiCaliber does the dirty work for you!

carpet compare

Carpet Cleaning

Did you know by having your carpet cleaned regularly can benefit your health?  It’s true!  By removing the toxins and debri with stream extraction, it can actually improve air quality.  Not to mention remove ODOR!  Who doesn’t like having nice, fresh carpeting?  There are definitely areas in the home that get beat up more than others.  These sections are called “high traffic” areas.  You can definitely tell by the foot pattern in bedrooms and living rooms.  It is important to use a company that can make the traffic patterns less noticeable.

You can count on us to be extremely thorough in our services as we work to restore everything to ‘like- new’ condition. We are concerned with making your carpets clean, as well as ensuring your safety by eliminating harmful bacteria from your home/office environment. Our processes are environmentally friendly and the products we use are biodegradable.

tile compare

Tile Cleaning

Who enjoys scrubbing grout?  If you answered yes to that question come and apply at HiCaliber because we have a job waiting for you.  On a serious note though, grout can be such a pain in the back to keep clean.  Especially if your grout has not been sealed.  It literally can act like a sponge!  With the new trend of “lighter” is better, it’s not an easy task to keep that light grout worthy.  Luckily, HiCaliber has the equipment necessary to keep your tile and grout looking as if the disaster never happened.

Again, you slaved around all summer, make us do the cleaning for you!


Upholstery Cleaning

Has anyone seen what cheeto fingers can do to upholstery?  If you haven’t had to experience this consider yourself a lucky home owner.  The oils and stains that come with food and occupancy can be daunting.  Knowing the proper technique for cleaning certain fabrics can make or break the bank!  If you use a product that has the potential to ruin the fibers in the upholstery, you may have just destroyed your investment.  That is why, using a professional is worth it!  We know our upholstery.  Some may say we are the wizards with stain removal!

Use the coupon at the top of this post to SAVE SAVE SAVE.  It’s a Win Win!  Your home will thank you once we are finished.  Imagine the smell of CLEAN!

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Pool Perk In Southern Utah

POOL (6)

Did someone say Pool Party?

Living in southern Utah in the summer is rather exhausting without some type of water to cool you down! But what about the other seasons?

The beauty of living in St. George is, if you are a pool owner you get to enjoy this investment year round. We believe other areas in Utah can’t capitilize on owning a pool because the cost to keep the ground and water heated to prevent freezing is a BIG expense. But, if you’re in southern Utah, chances are you know what we are talking about. Even on rainy days the rain typically doesn’t last ALL day. So you can be in the great outdoors 99% of the time.

It’s time to make a splash with a back to school bash!

After you have your pool installed it’s time to think about proper landscaping and lighting.  HiCaliber can help with that too! It’s all in the details.

Make sure your home is party ready by having the exterior and surround areas pressure washed to give your porch appeal.  Pressure washing (aka power washing) is a quick way to get your property looking new again.  You would be amazed at how much debris and build up our pressure washer can remove.  You will have to see for yourself below.

PicMonkey Collage

By removing dirt stains, mold and other signs of use and age from exterior walls, decks, driveways and more this service pays for itself.

We Service the Following Fields:

• Residential – Apartment Buildings – Condominium Buildings
• Schools – College Campuses – Hotels
• HOA – Gas Stations – Shopping Centers
• Constructions Sites – Commercial Businesses
• Car-Washing Businesses – Parking Structures

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