Carpet Facts


Did you know…   Each year, pounds of soil can build up under a carpet?!

YIKES! that’s a lot of dirt!

Did you also know, that carpeted areas tend to accumulate toxins and allergens more easily than tile flooring?  If you think about that, it makes sense.  Tile is stone, carpet is made with fibers that particles can rest in.


This is one of the reasons why we recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every six months.  By doing this, you benefit from: odor removal, toxin/allergen removal, vibrant carpet, and lengthens the life of carpet.  Our cleaning process includes steam extraction, which provides the most thorough cleaning possible, per industry and carpet manufacturer standards. We use filtered soft water heated to 225 degrees Fahrenheit to kill virtually all bacteria in the carpet.

Collage 2017-01-16 14_22_23

Our cleaning products are bio-degradable and environmentally safe as well. We offer better-quality service, from the office staff to our technicians in the field, than any other company in this line of work.

HiCaliber will treat your home or business as if it was our own. Our company is completely customer driven and our repeated referral business speaks for itself. We have performed thousands of carpet cleaning services since we started business in 1976 and we pride ourselves on doing each job right the first time.


We encourage business professionals to maintain their property as well.  By having carpeted areas cleaned regularly you are helping eliminate allergens, therefore employees will be less likely to call in sick.  Not to mention, the importance of presentation!  If you take the time and invest in carpet cleaning, your facilities appearance will create a positive first impression on future guests.



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Tile Repair


Do you have slate tile?

If you answered yes you know how durable and beautiful slate can be. It can take a pounding. However, the sealant that must be used can sometimes get scratched, and replacing slate flooring can break the bank. But, did you know that HiCaliber can help reduce the visibility of scratches and cracks?

The image of the slate flooring below is an example of what sealed tile looks like when completed. You will notice, the scratch isn’t visible in the second picture.  We were called to clean and seal the homeowners tile.  We are pleased with the final product.

tile transform

The advantages of having slate flooring are:

Durability – Variety – Quality – Repairable – Transmits Radiant Heat.

Along with durability comes pricey!  But worth the investment.  With the mosaic of colors in the stone, it makes it easy to compliment surrounding finishes and decor.  Quality will add value to a property.  Repairable is important, you don’t want to REPLACE tiles, when there is the option to repair it.  Natural stone will transmit heat effectively, so if you have radiant coils, slate is the way to go.  This would be most beneficial in areas where winter can be brutal.


We think it is BEAUTIFUL! Don’t you agree?!

Knowing specific types of chemicals to use and professional ways to clean tile can be difficult. Now throw in the meticulous work of transforming the look of your grout, which requires meticulous detail and specific tools for successful completion, and you’ve got a daunting job ahead of you. HiCaliber can save you lots of effort and time as they incorporate the right tools and techniques for the job, leaving the floor in like- new condition. Let us work our magic on your floor!

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A Caring Company



“Once again I can’t say enough about how amazing this company is. The staff is personal and professional and go way above the call of duty. We have been amazed at how Kyle and his guys will go out of their way to make sure everything runs smoothly. This is truly a company that cares about “people”. 5++++ stars. Way to go!” -Christin Shumway Olson

We don’t mind making a few phone calls to insure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  After all, it’s all about our customers.  We want to make sure your interaction with HiCaliber is a positive experience.



“Being relatively new to the area, it’s always a challenge to find reputable service companies. I chose HiCaliber from their yellow pages ad and am very pleased with them. The office was very friendly when I called in and we’re able to get me scheduled in my limited time frame. Kyle came with one other worker and did a fantastic job on my bedroom carpet. They were very friendly and knowledgeable in the art of carpet cleaning. I’ll definitely use them again for the rest of my cleaning needs.” – Linda Basney reviewed HiCaliber — 5 star



“Friendly and reliable. Steve and Kyle do great work at a reasonable price. Lonnie went out of her way to accommodate my schedule and was always helpful. You can depend on Hi Caliber.” -Mini Fan

Did you know that HiCaliber has 97 reviews (as of 07/18/17) and we are rated with 5 stars.  That is a huge accomplishment.  Most consumers will only leave a review or comment if they are upset or… if the service exceeded their expectations.  And that is what we have seen.  Customer satisfaction is the goal!


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If there is one quick way to add curb appeal to your property it would be a new door.  To make an EVEN BIGGER first impression, install DOUBLE IRON DOORS!  Can you say WOWZA!

These doors take this exterior from mediocre to show stopper.  The unique design is a great way to grab the attention of those driving by, and guests who are visiting. Urban Iron Doors has an amazing selection of unique masterpieces.


Your Local Handy Men

When you use HiCaliber for your handyman needs, you are in good hands. Our technicians are professional and efficient. When it comes to providing excellent results and customer satisfaction, we can confidently say that the HiCaliber team is at the top of its game! Proudly serving people across Utah and Nevada since 1976, our team of professionals is qualified and experienced enough to address all your construction needs. In the home and commercial repairs industry!

We offer residential and commercial construction, fire and water restoration, and home and carpet cleaning services. As a licensed and insured general contractor, there is no limit to the jobs we can complete for you! Our service is always high-quality and our prices are always fair.


Committed Through Completion

We won’t leave a giant hole in your wall for a week. When we start a job, we are committed to completing it within an agreeable time frame. We know how important privacy and protection is. This install was completed in less than a day. The finish work will be completed in a timely manner as well. We take pride in giving our customers exactly what they have been hoping for. This job did the trick for the home owners. Talk about being trendy! The neighbors are going to be envious of these amazing doors.

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Carpet Cleaning Wizards

carpet compare

We have said it before and we will say it again. HiCaliber can repair just about anything! Take a look at the beating this carpeting had. That didn’t stop us from restoring it to it’s former glory! Bippity Boppity Boo!!! With some determination and the proper equipment this transformation is OUTSTANDING!

Traffic wear is no joke. Often times there can be a noticeable line from where furniture used to sit, even after a carpet cleaning company has serviced the area. We are pleased to inform you that we are magicians in most cases.

the line



Knowing how to treat the fibers is crucial for a successful outcome. If you try to cut corners you could be looking at a costly fix. Our technicians are certified professionals and our equipment is top of the line. Our cleaning process includes steam extraction, which provides the most thorough cleaning possible, per industry and carpet manufacturer standards. We use filtered soft water heated to 225 degrees Fahrenheit to kill virtually all bacteria in the carpet.

The Mission

When we perform a cleaning service our goal is to restore your carpet to its ‘like new’ appearance. It is recommended that your carpets be cleaned at least once or twice a year with a professional steam-extraction cleaning process. You can count on us to be extremely thorough in our services. We are concerned with making your carpets clean, as well as ensuring your safety by eliminating harmful bacteria from your home/office environment. Our processes are eco friendly and the products we use are biodegradable.

– Testimonial –


“Kyle and his team were able to clean carpets and furniture that I thought were impossible! They were able to remove stubborn stains from dining room carpet and cleaned dining chairs that were terribly stained. I will definitely call them again for carpets and upholstery! – Margaret Nuckles”

When you are looking for the best, put HiCaliber to the test!


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Upholstery WIZBANG!


We have ALL been there! And if you haven’t… CONGRATULATIONS you are perfect!

But for those of us that live in reality, have children, and/or pets know it’s only a matter of time before our new chairs or sofa aren’t as glamorous as they once were.  Luckily, HiCaliber is TOP RATED for their effort and ability to remove some of the most stubborn stains.

upholstery happy

UPHOLSTERY Houdini – not a stunt… actual results


The image above is an example of how magical our technicians are. The chair on the left has seen some major spills! But don’t let that keep you blue. Turn the frown upside down and smile all the while (isn’t that a primary song?)

The point is, life is too short to be sad about a stain or damaged upholstery. There is no need to let it affect your mood. We are more than qualified and capable of giving your upholstery a face lift. This goes for couches, love seats, ottomans, lounge chairs, commercial lobby areas, restaurant booths, vehicle interiors, and much more. If it is stained, chances are we can make that nightmare disappear. It does take more than a magic wand though. Having the knowledge and proper equipment is CRUCIAL when working with upholstery. If you try it yourself or use a non-certified business, you could damage the fibers beyond repair.  We are worth the investment TRUST US!


DARN KIDS!!! Can’t look away for a second!

Health Benefit! 

Did you know there is also a health advantage to having upholstery cleaned? Whelp, if the aesthetics weren’t convincing, think about how much dirt and “other particles” may be partying it up in your sitting area?  I bet you are picking up the phone RIGHT NOW to dial 435-674-9338 to schedule.

Upholstered furniture often attracts dust-mites, so regularly cleaning furniture and upholstery helps keep some of the high traffic areas of your home and business clean and safe. Cleaning also helps maintain your upholstery’s appearance, performance and longevity!


If you are maintaining a business such as a hotel, health care facility, or anything of that nature… DO YOURSELF A SOLID and have the sitting areas cleaned on a regular basis.  Limit the amount of exposure you and your employee’s (as well as guests) have with unwanted germs.  The removal of odor is always a positive too!


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Remodels And Additions

Did you know, HiCaliber has a reputation for remodels and additions to homes and commercial properties?


The past couple of months have been pretty busy in the remodel field.  There are a few things that make HiCaliber stand out from other businesses.

  1. Customer Service – We are highly recommended with our outstanding focus on the customer.  You will become part of the HiCaliber family.  We make sure all your needs are met, all questions are answered, and you won’t be ignored.  We are with you every step of the way.  We are committed to the highest standards of excellence on every job we perform. We believe in earning the trust of each of our clients and never lose sight of those who keep us in business.
  2. Honesty – We give realistic deadlines, and accurate quotes.  We won’t be going months over on a project leaving you living in a hotel or your belongings covered in drywall.  We won’t over sell anything.  Our team of professionals are qualified and experienced enough to address all your construction needs
  3. Detail – Our work speaks for itself.  We do not cut corners.  We use quality materials.  We provide a 5-Year Guarantee for all of HiCaliber’s restoration services. We’re so confident that you’ll love our customer service and the quality of our work that we guarantee it. We’ve worked hard for more than three decades to develop our name and reputation, and are committed to maintaining our standard of success!


– Testimonial –

HiCaliber Can Meet Your Needs

Awesome customer service. Professional and caring. HiCaliber went above the call of duty on the work at my home. Highly recommend using HiCaliber to meet your needs. Thank you again for your personable and friendly staff! HiCaliber has outstanding service, as always you go above and beyond the “norm” contributes to what makes you such a wonderful group to do business with.”
Malinda Hintz

Will Always Be Highly Recommended

Thank you so much for your competency and professionalism. I appreciate your companies honesty and integrity, you will always be highly recommended!”
Barry & Joyce Johnson


We take pride in knowing our efforts have been noticed.  We LOVE to see reviews flooding in complimenting our professionalism and outstanding service.  We have won multiple awards and will continue to set the bar higher and higher.  Thank you for business!

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Independence Day 2017

Independence Day (United States)


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire.[1] The Congress actually voted to declare independence two days earlier, on July 2.[1]
Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworksparadesbarbecuescarnivalsfairspicnicsconcertsbaseball gamesfamily reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the National Day of the United States.[2][3][4]


To Celebrate Independence Day the HiCaliber way – we are offering the discount below:


July savings

This coupon can be used toward any of our services. This list includes:
New Construction
Residential & Commercial
Remodels & Additions
Commercial Build-outs
Tenant Improvements
Smart Foils
Quad-Lock I.C.F
Home Inspections
Fire Damage
Smoke Damage
Water Damage
Mold Damage
Odor Removal
Sewage Damage
Crime Scene Cleanup
Bio-Hazard Cleanup
Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Tile Cleaning
Janitorial Services
Pressure Washing
Duct Cleaning
Asbestos Removal

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Summer Savings

Who doesn’t like a deal?

Check out these major discounts for the services we offer

Duct Cleaning Deal


Duct Cleans are extremely popular this time of year because it’s time to start blasting the Air Conditioning.  Make sure your vent system is free from debris and allergens.

Restoration Savings


If you have an unfortunate event occur on your property, we are here for the restoration process.  Water and/or fire can’t keep us from repairing the damage done.

Property Inspection Discount


When purchasing a new property it is CRUCIAL to use a professional property inspector with proper certifications and credentials.  This is an investment that could potentially save you from buying a home that becomes a money pit.

General Cleaning – Carpet, Tile, and Upholstery


Everyone has some type of flooring in their home. Tile, laminate, carpet, or wood… You name it! We can clean it. Don’t forget the upholstery. Your couch deserves a face lift too!

Remodel or New Construction Savings


When you are ready to tackle that remodel project, or just want something built. We are more than qualified to handle the job!

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Commercial Tile Cleaning

tile compare

The comparison above is an example of a local theater bathroom BEFORE and AFTER we came to visit!

We have talked about the importance of presentation in previous posts, but this type of clean is also demonstrating sanitation.  By having their restrooms serviced is shows they care about the cleanliness and health of their customers.  You can see the HUGE difference in the grout especially.  This type of cleaning is something HiCaliber encourages on a regular basis, to keep the tile looking new.  If you walked into a restroom and it was messy it would leave you wondering about the remaining spaces in the facility.  This theater is one you could walk into without worry.

Everyone has been guilty of going overboard with the fountain drinks while watching a show, if you have popcorn… you need a drink! They go together like PB&J!  It’s a fact of life that once the tank is full it needs to be emptied.  By having a clean lavatory, you are keeping the experience of a movie goer in a positive direction.

HiCaliber has been known for restoring grout that others may have considered a lost cause.  We LOVE to see before and after pictures of our work.  It’s very satisfying!

tile stretch

Tile cleaning is necessary if keeping your tile floor in excellent condition is important to you. Tile floors can be great investments to put into a home, but they must be maintained in order for the investment to pay off.

Knowing specific types of chemicals to use and professional ways to clean tile can be difficult. Now throw in the meticulous work of transforming the look of your grout, which requires meticulous detail and specific tools for successful completion, and you’ve got a daunting job ahead of you. HiCaliber can save you lots of effort and time as they incorporate the right tools and techniques for the job, leaving the floor in like- new condition. Let us work our magic on your floor!


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