We Appreciate You

It means a lot to us to see positive feedback in regards to our efforts. We take pride in customer service and going above and beyond. Just like any business, it is nice to see/hear good reviews. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to rate our services. WE STRIVE FOR 5’s.

Being locally owned and operated can be a tough when competing with the larger cooperation’s. We know who has kept us in business, and that’s you! Thank you for your loyalty.

“Being relatively new to the area, it’s always a challenge to find reputable service companies. I chose HiCaliber from their yellow pages ad and am very pleased with them. The office was very friendly when I called in and we’re able to get me scheduled in my limited time frame. Kyle came with one other worker and did a fantastic job on my bedroom carpet. They were very friendly and knowledgeable in the art of carpet cleaning. I’ll definitely use them again for the rest of my cleaning needs.” -Linda Basney

“These guys are incredible! Kyle and Chris did an amazing job here and were very kind and ethical people. Not only did they perform an air duct cleaning but they also noticed I had a clogged up dryer vent so they cleaned that out for us at no cost ūüôā Also I want mention when Kyle was cleaning the vent louvers he accidentally turned on our dishwasher (which we never use) because we hand wash our dishes. But what happened after that was pretty funny. When turning on the dishwasher we noticed it was leaking water and Kyle found the hose clamp to be bad and also replaced that for me which was awesome! Their work is very thorough and they leave the place spotless. They clean up after themselves and leave you feeling great. I’m giving these guys a five-star because they deserve it. I would highly recommend using Hi Caliber for your services. Great job guys!” – Red Ranger

“The cleaning was, extremely fast, efficient, effective, and affordable! The team was very knowledgeable and worked very hard to manage an accurate expectation for my flooring. Beyond the professional cleaning, the team gave great tips for upkeep and ways to maintain the flooring between cleanings.” -Mark Walton

These are just a few of MANY reviews we have received recently. When you are looking for affordable, detailed, and professional services, call HiCaliber at 435-674-9338.

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New Or Improved

Has any one experienced the aging process? By that, we mean, have you noticed a few wrinkles in your skin? Just like your skin, carpeting can wrinkle, or more commonly known as buckle. When this occurs, it simply means the carpet fibers have stretched, forming bubbles in the carpet. These lumps can become a MAJOR tripping hazard, not to mention it’s an eye sore. If the carpeting isn’t re-stretched in a timely manner, the carpet can actually become damaged as traffic gets heavy. That can lead to tears in the carpet, which are much harder to repair.

The process of a re-stretch includes, stretching the carpet from the center and working your way out. This will leave excess carpeting on the edges which needs to be trimmed. When we are finished it will look like the buckling was NEVER THERE! Preventing any trip hazards. This process can be completed within an hour. That is much faster than new installation and more cost effective. We have been servicing southern Utah since 1976. We are locally owned and operated. We are known for our excellent customer service and detailed work.

When looking for the best, put HiCaliber to the test.

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Got Property Problems?


Any home owner or business owner knows with an investment such as a property or home comes MAINTENANCE.

This task can become quite daunting trying to live life and keep up a property.  HiCaliber specializes in such demands.  We can offer anything from janitorial services, to full building maintenance and repair work.

Prepared For Anything

If the roof is leaking, give us a call!  If there is water damage we can address that issue as well.  If it is something as simple as upholstery/carpet cleaning we are prepared.  Regardless of the size of job, we are well equipped.

We have serviced multiple commercial properties in southern Utah.  Ranging from 2,000 sq feet to 100,000.  Without the most up to date equipment, you could be at a job for a week.  But, with our investment in quality tools, we are able to complete most cleaning jobs in a day.

Presentation + Health Benefits

Your space will benefit from ODOR REMOVAL, STAIN REMOVAL, ALLERGEN REMOVAL, AND… aesthetic improvement.¬† Your employees will benefit from less toxins in carpeting and upholstery.¬† In turn, that usually equates to less illness!

Dirty Air? Is That A Thing?

But, did you know, that A LOT of the toxins and allergens are actually in your heating and cooling system?¬† Most people don’t think to look up when trying to address a culprit.¬† We also offer top of the line duct cleaning!¬† This is one of the best investments you can make.¬† By having these systems serviced, they will actually function properly, making your utility costs less.¬† WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!


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Daily Deal

Looking to save some cash in 2018?  Use these coupons for your property needs!

Carpet+Tile+Upholstery Cleaning, New Construction, Inspection, and Restoration services are just a few of the MANY jobs HiCaliber can do.

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Home Repair + Improvements

Are you searching for a reputable company to do repairs on your home and/or business? Look no further, HiCaliber can’t be beat.
There is no job too large or too small, we have all your needs covered.

Using a licensed contractor for your repair needs is important. We can guarantee your investment will not go to waste. HiCaliber has proudly served people across Utah and Nevada since 1976, our team of professionals is qualified and experienced enough to address all your construction needs. In the home and commercial repairs industry. Experienced and professional are two qualities we are known for. Our customer service can’t be beat. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence on every job we perform. We believe in earning the trust of each of our clients and never lose sight of those who keep us in business.

Repairs + Improvements

Home improvements + repairs can be simple with HiCaliber on your side. All you need to do is make the call 435-674-9338. We will give you an estimate and discuss options. We can relieve your stress by offering a helping hand.

The pictures above are just 2 exampled of repair/improvements we have done recently. The door casing was rotted out (garage exterior). With a few hours, we were able to remove the damaged wood, and replace everything.

Kitchen Improvement

The home owner wanted something new in their kitchen. Why not install a classy vent hood to make cooking easier? It is quite the addition, making this kitchen top of the line. We are confident the residents will love it.

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New Year New Home

Whether you are ready for a new space entirely or in need of a revamp, HiCaliber can help you achieve your property needs.


Commercial Build Outs/Home Additions

If you are loving your neighborhood or location, but the layout isn’t suiting your needs, we can help move some walls around.¬† If it’s more space your needing we can also assist with commercial build outs and/or home additions.

When you have HiCaliber working on your side, your vision can become a reality.  Make 2018 a year of success and achievements for yourself and your home or business.

Why the Kitchen?

Kitchen remodels kept us busy last year.¬† Anyone who knows about properties, knows a kitchen can make or break a home.¬† When you are looking into purchasing a home, the first place you look is the kitchen.¬† If you can’t see yourself in it, you won’t but it.

Conveniently enough, the second place a homeowner checks for a good investment, is the mater bedroom/bathroom.  Why is this you ask?  Because the one paying for the home wants to be comfortable in their own pad!  If you are looking to increase the value of your home, start with the kitchen and put the master as the second priority.

Don’t Break The Bank

If you just want a refresher, like most do with a new year, a coat of paint and tile/carpet cleaning may be all you need.¬† Regardless of the size, HiCaliber can help.¬† Give us a call 435-674-9338 for a quote.¬† You won’t be disappointed.


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Dryer Vent + Fire Danger

Dryer Vent Disaster Avoided

Many homeowners are unaware that ducts and dryer vents need to be maintained and serviced regularly. Not only does a residence benefit from the removal of allergens and pollutants from the heating system, but, they could be saving their home from a fire disaster.

When the vent of a dryer gets clogged with lint and debris it causes blockage. With the dryer, there is usually heat involved. If there is no where for that hot air to go… it can become a major risk. See the example below.

This homeowner had no idea that his dryer vent was clogged in such a way. Luckily, one of our technicians was on the roof and could see lint spewing from the top. When we brought it to the homeowners attention, and explained the risk, he immediately asked us to clean the vent.

No one ever assumes their home is at risk of fire. Otherwise, they would prevent it. Educating homeowners is our goal with this blog. We want to make you aware that the risk is real. Keep your loved ones, and your property safe. Call HiCaliber today to have your dryer vent cleaned at 435-674-9338.

Your pocket book will benefit as well.¬† By having the system cleaned, it will function properly.¬† Therefore, clothes will become dryer faster and less energy will be used! It’s a WIN WIN!

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Before + After Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture is as important to a room’s appearance as the carpet, and requires regular cleaning.

Fibers on furniture vary and have special needs, the same way clothing fabrics require specific cleaning attention. Our technicians are trained professionals who know how to evaluate and clean all types of upholstery. We also use the finest equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals as we conduct our cleaning procedures.

Upholstered furniture often attracts dust-mites and allergens. Regularly cleaning  upholstery helps keep some of the high traffic areas of your home clean and safe. Cleaning also helps maintain your upholstery’s appearance, performance and longevity!

HiCaliber is always running great specials for upholstery cleaning. Be sure to check out our website for discounts. Give our office a call or visit our website www.hicaliber.biz to schedule. Check our our Facebook page for updates and promotions http://www.facebook.com/hicaliber . Keep HiCaliber in mind when wanting to have professional services done. We will offer you the proper care and attention that is needed for your cleaning needs.

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Leaf Removal

What goes up, must come down!  This is true with the falling leaves as well.  The fall sure is pretty, but those falling leaves can become quite tedious to get rid of.  Especially when they are on the roof or causing blockage in your gutters.

A large amount of leaves left in gutters can prevent a gutter from working effectively.¬† The blockage won’t allow rain to adequately disperse and drain into the spout.¬† This can be a HUGE problem.¬† Without a proper drainage system, your home could be at risk of leaks and flooding.

Give HiCaliber a call, we will remove the leaves from your roof and your gutters!¬† We don’t want to see you up there with a broom!!!


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Gift Certificate

If you need to buy someone a gift that has EVERYTHING, we can be the answer to your worries.  Call us today for a one of a kind gift certificate.

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