White Is The New Black


We aren’t referring to clothing! We are talking about the heart of the home… the kitchen!



Light Versus Dark?

How sleek is this kitchen though?! This has been the trend this season. We believe by using white cabinetry it brightens up the space and makes it a cheerful environment to be in. For the room that people tend to spend the most time in, its important to enjoy being there.

Have you ever noticed the amount of white cars on the road? Is it because white cars are faster? The answer is NO! Anyone who has owned a white car will tell you it is easier to keep clean… KEEP CLEAN? or, it looks cleaner! Therefore, you don’t have to clean it as often. One might shy away from white cabinetry due to thoughts of maintenance nightmares. But, you would be surprised at just how magical white can be.




Not only is white timeless and classy, it actually gives the illusion of a larger space. Example: If you have a dark colored room that seems rather claustrophobic, paint it white and it will seem bigger. We aren’t making this up!  Also, stay away from darker colored ceilings.

This home owner went for lighter colored tile as well.  As you can see from the picture above, that decision has paid off!  It compliments the cabinetry so well.  By opting for a mosaic of grey and white for the counter-top they successfully made this neutral toned kitchen a masterpiece.  WELL DONE! 


I Spy With My Little Eye:

Do you see that ADORABLE light fixture?  We dare say this is a farmhouse inspired trophy.  We can just imagine all the wonderful possibilities of the dining table that will rest beneath it.  So many memories are made at the dinner table.  Think back to when you were a kid (some families), Mom would make dinner, Dad would come home, and the kids would talk about their day.  Smiles, laughter, and maybe some whining about eating the green beans!  But all in all, HAPPY GATHERINGS.  We are thrilled for the home owners.  Now their kitchen is complete they are headed in the right direction.

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