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Decorating Ideas for the home

Kitchen Inspiration

  Hello 2018/2019 Kitchen Trend! No, you’re not dreaming. This is real life! This is magazine worthy, and we aren’t just saying that because we were the general contractor’s. The homeowner was seriously blown away, and she was beyond excited to start using this newly updated space. EVERYTHING came together so nicely. Check out that…

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Remodel Update

This is what we are all about! The details!!! The homeowner has great taste! We are happy to be able to bring her dream home to life. From the ceiling to the floor, there is so much to see. These modern design choices has brought so much interest into this home. As you enter the…

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Bathroom Makeover

Remodeling Bathrooms In Southern Utah When youre looking for the best, put experience to the test! We have been in business for decades. The quality of our work speaks for itself. We are 100% committed to excellence. The picture below give you an idea of the remodel process.  First step, removal of original shower.  Second…

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Your Space With A New Face

Sometimes your space just needs a new face. And by that we mean PAINT! You would be surprised how much a lighter shade will brighten a room. This home owner said adios to her tan walls and we are loving the result. BRIGHTEN UP BUTTERCUP Change can be good! By bringing more light into her…

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Remodeling With The Best

So Happy We Were Referred To HiCaliber “When we had our water damage at our home, we were referred by our insurance agency to contact HiCaliber. HiCaliber was prompt in taking care of the cleanup and rebuilding process. In fact, we did some remodeling changes while the work was being completed. We were very pleased…

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Flooring Looking Dingy?

It’s SPRING!  Time for some deep cleaning! If you want to take cleaning to a new level – Call HiCaliber! You will benefit from: Allergen removal Stain removal Odor removal And… A noticeable “renewed” difference. Allergens If you suffer from allergies, the culprit could be buried in your carpeting. We are concerned with making your…

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But I need my kitchen! Remodeling the kitchen can be quite the task, if not done by the right professional, it can be a disaster. We have been in business for a LONG time. W What is the trend these days? White is IN! It gives a space a clean look and can make it…

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Host The Next Party

We’ve all done it!  We have avoided being the hosts of a party because we are afraid of what others might say about the cleanliness of our house. First of all, if they are true friends they won’t care, if they are family chances are they understand.  But… if you just don’t feel comfortable having…

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What is your favorite part of Fall?   There is quite a list when it comes to the beauty of autumn. falling leaves the temperature lowers pumpkin spice is back the scents Halloween is closer school is back in session football COLOR Suggestion Corner: There is something therapeutic about crunching through fallen leaves.  If you…

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