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Services Still Offered During Transition

During our move, you might ask… “Is HiCaliber still offering the same services?” The answer is YES! All our equipment is set up and ready to roll.
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One of the services we offer that has kept us busy is CARPET CLEAING. Spring is just around the corner, and there is usually an itch to de clutter and clean your home. We can help you take that “Re-fresh” to a whole new level, be sanitizing and cleaning your flooring.

Raise your hand if you have considered moving your furniture around and then you realized your carpet had a deep dark secret!
By dark we mean… TRAFFIC WEAR. Traffic wear earned it’s name because it’s the area of the room that gets the most “traffic.” It is most noticeable when an item that has been resting for a year or two is moved. There is a DEFINITE line. You will notice the area that looks new versus the area that has been victim of foot traffic! Luckily the experts at HiCaliber can repair your traffic wear with a flick of our magic wand… Cleaning wand that is! (and it’s more of a thorough process than a flick, but you get the idea)

We are top rated, highly recommended, and professional with our carpet cleaning services.

There are health benefits to capitalize on as well. Did you know that carpet is a great place for allergens and pollutants to rest in. Did you know if you suffer from indoor allergies, a carpet cleaning may be the answer to your prayers! It’s worth a try!




“Kyle and his team were able to clean carpets and furniture that I thought were impossible! They were able to remove stubborn stains from dining room carpet and cleaned dining chairs that were terribly stained. I will definitely call them again for carpets and upholstery!-Margaret Nuckles”


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