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Are you looking for promo codes or discounts today? We are offering $15 off any cleaning service if scheduled by the end of the year. This includes… Upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and pressure washing. We all know after hosting Thanksgiving ALL of the above will probably be needed. Why not save today! This…

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Fire Restoration

We’ve serviced more than 40,000 commercial and residential projects due to disasters since we started business in 1976. We offer fire damage restoration and other restoration services throughout southern Utah and southern Nevada. Our team receives great satisfaction in helping rebuild people’s lives as well as their properties. We are known for being hardworking, honest,…

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Guess Who’s Back

We are feeling the need to bring back an old friend. To date, this has been one of the most successful before and after cleans that we have done. There is something so satisfying about seeing that line, from before to after. Chances are, with the hustle and bustle of life, the last thing on…

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Duct Cleaning Before Summer Heat

SUMMER SUMMER – Just Around The Corner The temperature is rising, before you head over to your thermostat and crank the A.C. consider having your air system cleaned!  Most people don’t know that their heating and cooling system can collect pollutants and debris.  HiCaliber has the proper equipment to remove just about anything that might…

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Services Still Offered During Transition

During our move, you might ask… “Is HiCaliber still offering the same services?” The answer is YES! All our equipment is set up and ready to roll. Check out our website for a detailed list One of the services we offer that has kept us busy is CARPET CLEAING. Spring is just around the corner,…

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Fire? Almost!

This has been happening A LOT! We can not stress the importance of dryer vent cleaning. They don’t tell you to maintain your vent when you buy a dryer, or a house for that matter. So we are taking it upon ourselves to educate home owners. A clogged dryer vent CAN CATCH ON FIRE. Just…

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New Year New Home

Whether you are ready for a new space entirely or in need of a revamp, HiCaliber can help you achieve your property needs.   Commercial Build Outs/Home Additions If you are loving your neighborhood or location, but the layout isn’t suiting your needs, we can help move some walls around.  If it’s more space your…

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St. George Coupon For Carpet Cleaning

Act now for a $10 off coupon on your carpet cleaning order from HiCaliber of St. George. Sometimes we need an incentive for cleaning our carpets and while having dirty carpets should be incentive enough, knowing that you’re getting them cleaned for a deal can be that final push to get it done. For almost…

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St. George Coupon for Clean Tile

Although our prices for tile cleaning are very reasonable, HiCaliber of St. George would like to offer you a ten dollar off coupon on your tile cleaning service! Sweeping and spot cleanup for the tile in your St. George office should be done daily, but your tile needs professional cleaning occasionally to keep it looking…

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