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Sweater Weather and Servicing Ducts


Well HELLO October!  The cooler temperatures are welcomed here in southern Utah.  Scarfs, boots, pumpkin spice, and beautiful colors are all on the list of favorites.

But, when the temperatures drop low enough, and the heater cranks on you may want to consider having those your system cleaned sooner than later.

There are MANY advantages to having your heating and cooling system serviced.  The one that stands out the most would have to be cleaner air.  Did you know the air inside your home may be full of pollutants and allergens?  If you or someone in your home suffers from asthma or season allergies, duct cleaning is an answer to your prayers!


Over time, there can be intense build up of debris ventilation systems.  If not cleaned properly, your system may not function at it’s potential.  For a visual, imagine the back of your hair dryer, the more clogged up it gets the less air is able to flow freely.  Therefore, it takes longer to dry your hair.  Your duct system is similar, with clogged returns it may take longer to heat/cool your home and COST YOU MONEY!


While we are there, have us take a look at your dryer vent as well.  This small space can be a HUGE disaster if not properly maintained.  Can you say FIRE HAZARD!  It has happened, and will continue to happen if home owners aren’t careful with making sure the vent is free from build up.  The combination of lint + heat, and no where for the air to go is he perfect recipe for a disaster.

Keep yourself and the ones you love safe from possible harm, and call HiCaliber today.  We have the most up to date equipment that is necessary for a successful duct + dryer vent cleaning.  It will pay for itself in the end, because your system will be working effectively, keeping utility costs down!


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