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Southern Utah Home Repair

If you are a resident in southern Utah, you know how brutal the sun can be. Especially to the exterior of a property. Take a look at this patio “shade.” Exposure to the sun has literally rotted the wood, making it a safety risk and a distraction from the beauty of the home. Luckily, HiCaliber…

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Leaf Removal

What goes up, must come down!  This is true with the falling leaves as well.  The fall sure is pretty, but those falling leaves can become quite tedious to get rid of.  Especially when they are on the roof or causing blockage in your gutters. A large amount of leaves left in gutters can prevent…

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Sweater Weather and Servicing Ducts

Well HELLO October!  The cooler temperatures are welcomed here in southern Utah.  Scarfs, boots, pumpkin spice, and beautiful colors are all on the list of favorites. But, when the temperatures drop low enough, and the heater cranks on you may want to consider having those your system cleaned sooner than later. There are MANY advantages…

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Spring Savings

Let the Easter Bunny bring you some savings! If you are wondering what coupon can be used for, the answer is, ANY TYPE OF SERVICE WE OFFER! The list is lengthy. See below. New Construction Residential & Commercial Remodels & Additions Commercial Build-outs Tenant Improvements Smart Foils Quad-Lock I.C.F Home Inspections Fire Damage Smoke Damage Water…

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Duct Cleaning In Southern Utah

  CRANK UP THE HEATER!!! -have you had your air system serviced lately -is there an odor coming from a vent -is someone sneezing or coughing more than usual The air we breathe indoors is often dirtier and more polluted than the visible pollution we inhale outside. Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems have been…

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Pressure Washing in Pine Valley

Did we mention that we service the Pine Valley area? There are quite a few southern Utah residence that own homes in Pine Valley and surrounding areas to “beat the heat.” However, while those residents are in town for the winter, their summer homes may need some maintenance.  Primarily the exterior. HiCaliber was privileged enough…

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Energy Efficiency

Spray polyurethane foam is a MONEY SAVER! No one likes to pay a high utility bill. The benefits of spray foam are far beyond cutting your heating/cooling bill in half! There are other benefits as well.  This advanced technology is literally sprayed onto walls, ceilings, and attics! Practicallity Spray foam will prevent the summer heat from radiating through your…

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Advantages Of Building Your Home

Starting Fresh Building from the ground up can be a daunting task without the right people on your team. The professionals at HiCaliber utilize the latest and most effective techniques in New Construction. We are custom builders and we know what it takes to get the job done efficiently, and in a timely manner. Energy Efficiency Energy…

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New Construction In Southern Utah

Using HiCaliber for new construction won’t disappoint “We are with you every STEP of the way” Great projects are under way for the Team at HiCaliber.  This new build is going to be an eye catcher. Our commitment to you as a homeowner is one of quality, fair pricing, and great service during your new-build…

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