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Building Efficiently

Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency is the new wave in new construction, and HiCaliber knows how to build economical, efficient buildings that are both functional yet eye appealing. HiCaliber is an award winning builder with State, Local and National awards. We have been building in Arizona, Nevada and Utah, as well as out of the country…

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Ready To Roll

We told you we would post updated pictures of our new Washington location. After some very long days in the shop, we are happy to say it is complete.  This space is a dream come true! With all the construction + remodels we are working on, we are thrilled to be settled in. We have…

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Serving The Community

  Our Reputation HiCaliber has been servicing southern Utah and surrounding areas since 1976.  We are locally owned and operated.  We take pride in knowing we have been able to employ technicians and staff from the community, and we have not needed to outsource.  You will be able to tell the difference when calling us!  Our…

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Green Monday Savings

Green Monday…  It’s a thing! We are your one stop shop for anything related to home/business maintenance. Take advantage of the savings we are offering! When it comes to providing excellent results and customer satisfaction, we can confidently say that the HiCaliber team is at the top of its game! Proudly serving people across Utah…

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Jubilee Of Trees

The Jubilee of Trees is a long-standing Southern Utah tradition held at the Dixie Center.  This year, the 30th annual Jubilee of Trees is a charitable event that is expected to attract about 25,000 visitors, and all proceeds will be allocated to advancing breast cancer programs at Dixie Regional Medical Center.  If you are ready…

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the new wave in new construction.  There are various motivations to improve energy efficiency.  Insulating a home allows a building to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature.  Reducing energy use reduces energy costs and results in a financial cost saving to consumers. HiCaliber knows how…

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Come For Dinosaur Tracks And Stay

Recognized as the most significant dinosaur track site in North America, the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm is regarded as one of the most important such sites yet discovered in the world.  Discovered by accident just 10 years ago, a rich horde of tracks and other fossils on a farm near the…

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Renovate or Buy?

It is a very big decision.  Should you move to a brand new property, or renovate the house or office you are currently in? Before making any sort of decision, consider your long term goals. The dollar investment to remodel your home could be used to purchase a new home.  The decision to renovate or…

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HiCaliber’s New Website

Welcome to our new and improved website! HiCaliber has redesigned their website to enhance the website usability and to enhance the way we show our services to our clients. HiCaliber specializes in New Construction, Fire & Water Restoration and Carpet Cleaning. Come here every month for new

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