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Rodent Infestation

Just recently HiCaliber was called for a job involving a rodent issue.

When there is an infestation involving rodents/pests in a home IT IS VITAL TO HAVE A PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATE!

The job required special equipment and bio hazard suits as the rodents had taken over the duct system and some had died inside.  The smell ALONE required special breathing devices.

Many home owners will have a second home that is a get away.  Meaning, the only time the property is occupied is a few weeks out of the year.

Unfortunately pests/rodents are VERY creative and motivated to get inside homes.  If there is no one living there, sometimes the situation goes unnoticed for a long time.

The situation was contained and the property is in the process of being repaired back to it’s former glory.

Our professionally trained technicians are certified in bio-recovery and are equipped to handle jobs including:

• Animal Waste and Carcass Cleanup (Birds, Bats, Rodents, Skunks, etc.)
• Contagious Disease Decontamination
• Crime/Death/Suicide Scene Decontamination
• Drug/Meth Lab Cleanup
• Human Waste Decontamination
• Industrial and Commercial Accident Decontamination
• Law Enforcement Decontamination (Holding Cells, Police Vehicles, Interrogation Rooms, etc.)
• Vehicle Cleanup

We use industry-approved protocols to safely and completely remove the bio-hazard damages, returning the premises back to pre-loss condition. We serve a wide range of clients which include insurance carriers, city and county municipalities, police departments, property managers, commercial building owners, and private residences. For more than 30 years of business we have gained extensive and unparalleled experience in the processing of bio-hazard cleaning. We are well equipped to handle the meticulous-work required to decontaminate areas following a sewage back up, crime scene, or even death.

Our job is to handle the cleanup as quickly and effectively as possible. We take our duties very seriously. Given the nature of risk involved with bio-hazard scenes, we immediately respond to the service call and work tirelessly to resolve the situation. It is imperative to hire a business you can trust and feel comfortable working with. HiCaliber is surely the company you need.

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